"if you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much room"

Thursday, May 14, 2015

I've been a bad blogger

Ok, I admit it. I've been in a blogging "funk" lately. I'll try and improve and keep ya up to date on the goings on around here.

Spring has been a little slow arriving in the Black Hills. We have seen a few really nice days but lately it's been rain and even a "small" blizzard last week. YIKES, did he say "blizzard"? Yep, we had about a foot of snow and lot's of wind which caused some major drifting last week end. I was busy at work juggling staff and keeping the visitors center open for business. I started by sending most everyone home early Saturday since the snow machine started churning in the afternoon making the roads a mess. Rudee and I ended up closing up shop by ourselves and made it home with the help of 4 wheel drive. We did stop for a car that had slid off the highway, everyone was OK and they had help on the way. Sunday we headed to work early and stopped by the campground to pick up a couple of the work campers. We couldn't turn into the campground because the roads were drifted in but they walked to the highway to meet us. The rest of the work campers were all trapped in their rigs until late in the day and even then you had to have a 4-wheel drive vehicle to even attempt to get out.
Fortunately the snow didn't hang around too long and by noon Monday the roads were cleared and a lot of it had melted away. :-)

Rudee's sister B.J. and brother in law David came to visit our little corner of paradise a couple of weeks ago. We had a great time showing them all the sights and even got special permission to give them a tour to the top of Crazy Horse. B.J. really loved seeing the deer that visit our yard everyday. Needless to say they were very well fed while she was here. :-)

We have had very few days to ride the motorcycle but did catch a really nice day earlier this month.

We had a great ride through the Hills. Both of us needed the "wind therapy" after a long winter.

We are still adjusting to our stationary lifestyle and are starting to fall into a routine again. The bank account is even starting to look better too. We have been discussing selling the motor home since it would be nice to be out from under the payments but we are still in the "hanging on" mode in case the ceiling all caves in around us we can make a break for the road again. We also still own my Mom and Dad's old place in Florida and are entertaining the thought of putting it up for sale too. This would help us pay off some of our bills but it has always been our "safety net" if we ever just had to have a place to live. I guess we still have some "adjusting" to do. :-)

The work campers have been arriving in droves and part of my job is to get them trained. I developed a training program which includes one full day of classroom training. This training gives them a little more adjustment to what the job is all about and what's expected of them. Prior to this they just dumped the poor people right into work and you had to "learn as you go". The training seems to be well received and the new folks are working out well.

I guess I better get going, got a class to teach today ....... I'll keep you posted.