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Monday, September 12, 2011

Looking ahead

Friday was a pretty easy day for me at work. My assignments are sent to my computer from a dispatch center. The following days appointments start flowing in sometime the day before. When I logged off late Thursday I still had not recieved anything to do for Friday :-).
Fast forward to Friday morning and still nothing, I figured maybe they had shut me off since I would be off the entire next week so I could "clean" things up before leaving.
My boss called me in early afternoon and told me he had messed up and thought I was taking the day off! No big deal and he was laughing about it, so I got a little paid "down time"!
The plan for Friday was packing up to be ready to travel. Rob and Jany were heading to Crawfordsville and boondocking at the Wal Mart. Rudee suggested we go ahead and meet them there as well. "Sounds good to me". Our site at the KOA is not long enough to hook our entire "train" together and not block the road. This means that we would have to hook on really early in the morning and I'm sure our neighbors don't want to hear us clanging and banging at O'dark thirty :-).
I checked with the manager at Wal Mart and got the "okey dokey" and advice on where to park. Maybe we are getting the hang of this "boondocking" thing :-).
We both like to "surf the net" and Wifi is not always available. Neither of the parks we are heading to next week have it so we would be "out of touch". I have been looking into options and decided to try a Mifi Card through Virgin Mobile. They have mixed reviews but the thing that attracted me was the "pay as you go" function. There are no monthly contracts and if we are work camping in a park with wifi we can use that for free and not have to pay big $$ every month. Virgin uses the Sprint network and for $50 you get their version of unlimited access (they slow your connection from 3g speed to turtle speed if you use over 2.5gb in your 30 days). You can also buy 1gb for $20 that expires in 30 days and 500 mb for $10 that expires in one week. You can purchase "top up" cards at Wal Mart or just log on and purchase it on line through Virgin Mobile.
We plan on giving it a work out this next week and see how it does.
I was up early Saturday morning and went to McDonalds for coffee instead of dragging the generator and cord out. I bought Rob and I each a large cup and brought them back, neither of the girls drink coffee so they were on there own :-).
I led as we pulled out and headed North towards the Amish Country of Northern Indiana. Rob and Jany have a travel trailer and he puts his Goldwing motorcycle in the bed of his 1 ton dually Ford truck useing a loader similier to the one we have on the semi.
We made it to our "home" for next few days just in time for lunch. We are at Grandview Bend Park in Howe Indiana. The park is a Passport America, Coast to Coast, Campclub USA and Escapees discount park. The best deal for us was using our PPA discount and paid $12.50 for the first two nights and then $15 per night after that. The sites have water and electric only. They do have a dump station available. We are staying here for four noghts before heading into Michigan for a Goldwing Rally.
Sunday we have a charity motorcycle ride to attend and we are planning to hit some of the RV salvage yards as well as the large Shipshewana Flea Market. Stay tuned, I'll keep you posted!

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