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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

still here

Saturday morning I played in a golf scramble put on as a fund raiser for our church, The day was perfect weatherwise but not so good for me "golfwise". I played really, really lousy for the first few holes and am not sure why. The way a scramble works is all four members of the team tee off and you pick the best drive then the other three pick up their balls and all four hit again from that location. You keep picking the best shot each time until you "hole out". My only saving grace was my putter so I was able to help the team some early on. I did improve a little as we made our way around the course and we ended up taking 3rd place and I missed the individual award for "longest drive" by only 3 yards. Rudee helped in registration and traveled around the course taking some "action shots" for the church's flier. We both had a fun day and enjoyed catching up with our "church family".

Our original plan was to leave on Monday morning to head for South Dakota for our summer job at the Crazy Horse Memorial but the weather didn't sound too good with rain, wind and storms predicted. We decided to delay our start another day so Sunday we made plans with our good friends Steve and Trish to meet in Lebanon for lunch. We had a great time and lingered for quite awhile just talking and laughing about old times. :-)
Sunday evening Rudee had arranged for a few of her classmates to meet in Rockville, Indiana for supper. We all graduated from the same High School me in '77 and the rest in '78. One of her classmates couldn't attend because her husband was in the hospital :-( Get well soon Mike and we'll see you and Laura next time.
Here is a photo of the "gang"

We all laughed and shared stories for a long time, we even thought at one time that the restaurant had forgotten we were there, even with all the noise we were making, and had closed! :-)

Yesterday I started getting the motor home ready for travel while Rudee and Amanda went to visit her Mother. I got on the internet and double checked the weather for our route and found that South Dakota was under a Winter Weather Warning and some areas of the Black Hills were expecting up to 15" of snow! YIKES!
Here is the "viewing veranda" at Crazy Horse yesterday morning via their webcam

We decided another day "moochdocking" was in order and delayed our start one more day. So as of right now we will leave tomorrow morning to start our trek West. Our first day of work is Wednesday May 7th so we still have plenty of time if the weather makes another downturn but so far the forecast looks promising for a safe trip. Our thoughts are with our friends and fellow fulltimers who are in the southern states where there has been another tornado outbreak. We hope you all are safe and sound. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Hi guys, we start at Custer May 8th and also have been delaying our arrival.
    safe travels

    1. great to hear you guys are coming back! I'm going to try and drag some sunshine with me and we are hopeful the snow is done for at least 6 months. :-)