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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

a few signs of Spring

We have been enjoying our days off after our long week end of ten hour shifts. Our days off are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and our work schedule for the summer should stay fairly consistent. The ten hour days are pretty long but we sure enjoy the three days off in a row plus this will help us "condition" for working at Amazon this Fall.
Last week I ordered a new cell phone since I was eligible for an upgrade. I did everything on line and the phone arrived Friday. I activated it and have been getting used to using it and figuring out it's features, it is a Samsung 4S and so far I am pretty impressed with it.

The weather has been pretty cold here for May. The highs have struggled to get into the 40's and we have had to either disconnect the water hose or leave a faucet running each night. The wind has been pretty brutal as well. We invited Steve and Joan to ride into Rapid City with us to see the movie Draft Day. We enjoyed the movie and it was a good roll for Kevin Costner, would make a neat TV show too.

Yesterday the temps started to warm up a little and reached the low 50's but we still had some wind as well as some passing showers.

This didn't stop us from doing some sightseeing  

and we did see some signs of Spring

We met with Dan and Jonelle in Hill City for dinner. They started work this morning and will have orientation today before beginning their normal schedule. Hey Dan, this next photo is for you.

Will be kind of tight but "no guts, no glory". :-)

We will likely just have a lazy day today hanging around the rig. We are both hopeful the weather will cooperate and we can let the Harley out of it's stall and do some of this running on two wheels! I'll keep you posted.


  1. Hope spring comes soon! Maybe Mother Nature will skip right over spring and go straight to summer :)

  2. It's been cold in Wisconsin too. We had a few nice days, but this week has been nasty. Cold, rain, damp. Yuck! I have a feeling we will be going from winter to summer again this year.

  3. I told Dan it's time to let me drive the big truck!