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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Back on the road!

 As the title suggests we left Custer, South Dakota on December 2nd aiming for warmer weather. We made a two day trip to Indiana which is way more miles per day than we would have liked but the roads were dry and no since stopping just to freeze or patooties off. We arrived safe and sound to our "mooch docking" spot in our daughters driveway. We stayed through Christmas and then pointed the rig Southbound!

Winter was spent at the Escapees park in Summerdale Alabama where we ate too much seafood and drank too many Bushwhackers! Where have those things been hiding all my life??? LOL

So that puts us to our spring adventures and adventurous it has been! We hooked up and left Summerdale on Easter Sunday where we headed back towards some time with family for a couple of weeks. Our first day on the road was a little busy with the last of the Spring Breakers heading North to go back to school and work. We drove just under 400 miles stopping at Texas T RV Park just north of the Alabama/Tennessee line off I-65. We like this little park and have stayed here a few times. They have full hook up pull through spots with cable TV and a nice babbling brook flowing on its border. We decided to stay for three nights and do a little sightseeing. 

I mentioned the brook and this was the location of our first adventure. I took Rudee out for a nice steak dinner at a nearby restaurant and when we returned I took her by the hand and suggested a romantic walk along the creek. We were all alone, or so we thought. As we stopped and looked at the minnows swimming in the creek I looked up and a guy was riding a 4 wheeler our way.........in the creek! I could see it was about 5 foot deep between us and him but he kept coming, getting closer and closer until the front end of the 4 wheeler disappeared. Well that didn't stop this guy! He just kept coming and then the back end of the 4 wheeler disappeared!  That's about the time the 4 wheeler decided to float and then flipped upside down with this turkey still sitting in the seat! I headed towards him thinking I was going to have to jump in and save him from himself and Rudee was chasing me trying to get my phone and wallet before I had to jump in. Right as we got to where the 4 tires of the 4 wheeler were visible  he came popping out from under it and stood up spitting and sputtering. He didn't even loose his hat! He looked up at us, smiled a toothless smile and said "Happy Easter! Today's my Birfday". Well needless to say it took everything we had not to laugh out loud at this wet, toothless, drunk "Birfday" Boy standing up to his waist in a creek next to his bobbing 4 wheeler! We decided this would be a good time to notify the campground staff and share the experience with them. LOL

The male work camper and the owner came out and we left. So much for our romantic walk! LOL The Good news is Billy Bob got his 4 wheeler right side up and after several tries, got it to stay running. He was last seen riding it back westbound in the creek. LOL So you want to be a work camper? You just never know what you'll be called upon to do but the stories are well worth the effort! LOL

We are now parked in Indiana and I am going to make a concentrated effort to revive our blog. I already have more adventures to share, life has not been boring since retiring!  Our plans are to head to South Dakota where we will work camper at Crazy Horse for the summer. I will be a tour bus driver and Rudee with work in the shipping and receiving department of the gift shop. We leave here next week, I'll keep you posted! 


  1. Great story! There are always adventures and characters around every corner. Safe travels north, we will see you when we return!

  2. I love your blog and have missed it. Safe travels.

  3. Glad that you have returned to Blogger Land which makes me believe you are both alive and ready to get back to exploring the great unknown.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Glad to be reading. Hope to see you. Good luck with your summer.