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Friday, March 29, 2024

Spring has Sprung almost time to migrate North

 As the title suggests we are slowly getting things ready to head back to Indiana. Rudee will drive our van while I ride the motorcycle. We plan to use a similar route as last year meaning no interstates if we can avoid them.  Our preparations include eating as much as we can from our refrigerator versus eating out. We do have a 12 volt/110 volt cooler/freezer that we can take some things with us but it is pretty small so only the necessities make the trip. We wont take a lot of clothes since we have some duplicates in Indiana but we always seem to include as least one big suit case of our favorites. Plus we always forget to make a list of what we have in the 5th wheel and what we need to bring so it might end up being two suit cases. LOL.

The campground opens for the season on the 15th of April so our plan is to leave around the 14th depending on the weather. We need a 3 day window of decent riding weather (no snow or freezing rain) to make the 1,000 mile trip. I'm pretty well equipped with cold riding gear, full heated water proof suit and warm insulated gloves as well as face masks and water proof riding boots so if we do have some cooler temps I'm pretty comfortable. 

We have been getting in as many rides as we can the last few weeks. Our group down here ride to lunch every Wednesday and Saturday. We also have been meeting our buddies Tom and L.D. for a ride each Monday. We have known them for 30+ years and they are part of our Indiana riding group (and now our Florida group as well). They left yesterday to travel back to Indiana and we look forward to picking up our rides again when we get back North. Here are a few shots Rudee took on some of our rides. She is really starting to become quite a photographer from the back of a moving bike! :-)


For our Indiana family and friends ......we'll see ya soon. and of course, I'll keep ya'll posted!


  1. Safe travels as you head north, it should be quite the adventure!

  2. Though the temps are a bit cool, it's looking like you might stay fairly dry.
    Safe Travels and Enjoy the adventure.

    It's about time.