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Thursday, March 3, 2011

no time for posting :-(

Sorry for not updating the blog but things have been a little topsy turvy around here. Rudee's dad is going through some pretty serious health issues right now and the news has not been good. She has been taking some time away from work going to doctors appointments and clinical tests with him.

We were invited to join Rob and Jany Runion on Saturday for a trip to the newly expanded Indiana Convention Center. We attended the Indiana Home Show. The show itself was fairly small with mostly home improvement vendors. Luckily as we were standing in line to pay a gal came up and gave us free admission tickets, saved us $10.00 :-).

We didn't stay too long at the show and headed back to the car. The only problem was we came back into the parking garage by a different door and then couldn't find the car. Rob set off the alarm and we could hear the horn honking but with the echos of the garage we couldn't find it. We walked 3 floors before we finally found their car. Boy did we all feel like a bunch of dopes :-).

On the way back to pick up our truck at Runion's we stopped at a BMW motorcycle dealership. Man those sure are nice looking bikes. We were disappointed they didn't have the newest model on display but looking around and sitting on the ones they had gave me the fever to be out riding again. I'm sure ready for spring.

Sunday we got together with Steve and Trish and went to the Maple Syrup Festival in Rockville Indiana. I was a little disappointed in the festival, not much happening and very few craft booths. We did make a stop at a sugar camp where they were boiling the sap to make the syrup.

We are starting to get excited about our vacation coming up. We only have 5 more days to work and then we will be off for a week. Whoo Hoo! Happy dance :-). I'll keep you posted.

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