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Monday, May 16, 2011

trying to return to "normal"

We have spent that last week going over different scenarios in our minds and on paper of what our future may look like. Still not sure what all our options are but we are determined to make lemonade out of these lemons!

Saturday we took a motorcycle safety course. I have taken several of these over the last 20 years but this was the first one we took "2-up", meaning Rudee was on the bike with me during the training.
The class was held in Southern Indiana at Brownstown High School. We both took Friday off and rode down with friends Rob and Jany Runion.
The class started bright and early Saturday morning and was spent riding through the courses they had set up in the parking lot. We did cone weaves, quick stops, stopping while in a curve, swerve to miss and obstacle and the dreaded figure 8.
The training took most of the day and ended around 3pm when the instructors presented us with our certificates. I think I did pretty good except for the 15' skid mark I left doing the quick stop .... oops :-)

We had been watching the dark clouds build all day and it was still dry when we headed back North. We made a stop at Cracker Barrel for supper and that's when the rain caught up with us. Since it didn't seem too bad we got our rain suits on and headed out.
The rain was never too hard and would even stop for several miles before starting again. We did have to stop one time and hide under the canopy of an abandoned gas station waiting for the rain to lighten up some.
Rudee and I made it home just before dark. The temperature had dropped quite a bit and we were both chilled. We quickly changed into our fleece lounging clothes and fired up the furnace to get the 5th wheel warmed up.

We woke up Sunday to rain and cold temperatures. We decided to drive to Plainfield and see Rudee's parents. We told them about Rudee getting laid off and talked to them a little about our options.

We both have another short week this week. We are taking Friday off so we can attend the Indiana GWRRA Motorcycle Rally. We will hook up and leave Thursday after work. The campground we are staying at is about 90 miles from here so it will be a short drive. The biggest issue is having to drive through Indianapolis during rush hour to get there :-O. In the meantime we will be squeezing the crap out of these lemons trying to get some lemonade :-) I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Hang in there! Sorry we couldn't have met at the rally. But we are in LaGrange having some work done on the rig then we have to go to Goshen for more work later in the week. We are also making our own lemonade. Enjoy the rally!