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Friday, December 14, 2012

too much "sittin around"

I'll admit it. I'm starting to get lazy. My morning wake up time keeps getting later and later in the day and I do a lot of sitting and drinking coffee once I do actually get my behind out of bed. This seems to be a byproduct of sitting still too long with nothing much to do and needs to change. :-)
Last year at this time we were guarding a gate out in the giggle weeds of Texas. I got pretty lazy there too even with all the up and down the RV steps checking folks in and out.
I think I need to start walking or ??? I used play a lot of golf. You can get some pretty good exercise on the golf course providing you stay away from the rental carts and walk. My back problem and subsequent surgery back in '97 that ended my law enforcement career also put an end to golf for me. I miss it sometimes but even if I could still play it has been colder than a witches toe around here. :-)

Speaking of cold weather ...... we have been pretty pleased with the insulation in the motor home versus the 5th wheel. The furnace in the 5er would cycle on and off every 10 minutes or so when the outside temps dropped below freezing just to maintain the inside temperature around 70*. We have always used a couple of electric heaters to assist the furnace and even with these the furnace struggled. Now we have been sitting the furnace on 69* at night and the furnace comes on once or twice the entire night. During the day we have kept the electric heaters on and the furnace doesn't run at all. The other night the outside temps dropped down to a low of 22*, the furnace came on 3 or 4 times all night compared to the 5th wheel which would have been running like a freight train!
The motor home does have dual pane windows where our 5er did not. I have always heard these make a difference but .... WOW!
I do have a remote thermometer mounted in the "wet bay" where all the water hook ups come into the coach. So far the lowest I have seen in the bay is 40*. Should things start getting colder in there I plan on putting a light bulb in the bay to help keep things from freezing. Of course we are using our "heated hose" that I made using a heat tape mounted to a heavy duty white hose and insulated with foam pipe insulation. This is our 4th winter using it and it works like a charm. :-)

Still no news on the work front. We are hoping that they leave us alone until after Christmas, but you never know. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Love your new photo in the banner!

  2. If you miss golf I would look into getting back in the game. A good push cart will let you walk without carrying the bag and while your game maybe different and you may find you adjust your swing I bet you can still play. I met lots of folks when I was a course marshall/starter in Austin who played with all kinds of parts fused/broken.
    Meanwhile, enjoy the time off and holidays. I think it might make me crazy waiting for the call to go to work...

  3. I made sure that I had double pane windows in whatever I bought. It sure made a difference inthe home that I had. So far it has gotten down to 20* here south of San Marcos TX. I m using the furnace at night and the fireplace during the day. So far so good.
    I hope that you can get through Christmas before they call.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year