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Thursday, November 7, 2013


We survived our first long shift at Amazon. We are both sore and that last hour went really, really slow. I guess we were both doing a lot of clock watching. :-)

When we arrived at the campground here there were not very many sites available. We chose to move in next to blogger buddies Jessica and Harry http://rikerrvdays.blogspot.com/ who have been here for several weeks. I think I mentioned that we had to ask a guy (our other new neighbor) to move his truck, he was using our site as his parking space. He was not real pleasant doing this and said he would move it so we could back in but would be parking there since "that is where I park". Well he moved it and we have all parked our vehicles in a grassy area in the middle of this small campground.
This morning when we got home at 4:30 am the center grassy area was packed with cars and trucks so I moved our gas grille a little and parked on the gravel area next to our front door like a lot of the others do. When I got up early this afternoon this is what I found:

I waited a couple of hours thinking he may just be unloading something but it was obvious he was just trying to make a statement. Amazing how some grown "adults" can act like a 4 year old! I took our trash to the dumpster and the fellow parked on the opposite side of him came out too. He was also blocked in by this dimwit. He said the guy put up a fuss when he arrived and didn't want him parked blocking his view. I decided to call the campground owner and he came right over and talked to the guy who then moved his truck onto his own site so we can all get our vehicles out now. I guess we will just see how it goes. I'll keep you posted


  1. Wow, when you sent me the message, I couldn't quite picture the situation...but a picture definitely is worth a thousand words. That is completely unreasonable and definitely very childish. Hopefully that is the end of it now that he has been approached by "management."

  2. I guess some people just never grow up!!! What a pain!

  3. I have noticed these past three years, if you're going to find "odd" RV'ers, it will most likely be here at Amazon! Thank goodness the majority of Camperforce folks are so nice.

  4. Where I am from we have a term for folks like you described, the first letter is an "A" and the last letter is an "E". Keep in mind, I was in the Navy for 25yrs and have an extensive vocab! Hopefully on reflection the person will see the error of his ways.