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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

back on a gate

We arrived at our new "home" in the Texas oil fields Wednesday morning and spent most of the day getting everything set up. We are at the very western edge of Cotulla, Texas which is 1/2 way between San Antonio and the border town of Loredo. This gate is pretty compact and we are only about 200 yards from the entrance to the pad where they set up the drilling rig so we are pretty much right in the center of the action. We have once again split our shifts with me working nights and Rudee taking the day shift. Things have become steadily busier each day as the rig went from a bunch of individual pieces into a working oil platform. The last time we worked a site with a drilling rig the actual drilling process took about 4 weeks to complete. We'll see how this one goes, of course once the well is drilled there are several other operations they perform once the rig is torn down and removed. Our plan right now is to just keep our heads down and power through the next month or two. We need to build up our accounts and pay for the new roof on our rental in Florida. We will likely leave here the first week of April so we can spend a little time with family back in Indiana before reporting back to Crazy Horse the first week of May. I'll be taking some pictures of our site in the next few days and get them uploaded to the blog and of course I'll have some interesting things to write about "life on the gate". I'll keep you posted.


  1. Hope things go smoothly and you have no rain! See you at Crazy Horse.

  2. Glad the job turned up at the right time. We are looking forward to a steak at the "Big Texan" as we pass through Amarillo on our way to Oregon .

  3. We'll be following your gate experience. Thanks!
    Your neighbors at Lakeway.

  4. Hoping everything works out for you two! Looking forward to meeting back up at Crazy Horse! Also looking forward to your posts on gate guarding! Dan and Jonell