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Thursday, March 6, 2014

new neighbors

Not a whole lot happening here in our little slice of heaven in South Texas. We are still in "ground hog day" mode and each day feels just like the one before and we know tomorrow will be more of the same old same old. :-)
We did have some new faces arrive yesterday.

The land owner rents out this area to a cattle rancher who moved a small herd onto the property. There is no cattle guard at our gate entrance so we now have to keep the gate shut and only open it to let vehicles through. This is not as hard as it could be because the gate is automatic and they dropped off the remote control for it so we just push a button to open or close it. :-)

The rig appears to be well on their way drilling the second (and last) well. Judging by the tempo of traffic and the different equipment and supplies coming in they will probably be finished by this time next week and may even be packed up and gone. This rig is being "recycled" so it will be taken back to the yard and torn apart after this job ends. This means we will not have an option of following the rig to their next job as sometimes happens and we are not sure what the next few weeks will bring for us. There are still several steps they need to perform to bring the wells up to the production level. We are hoping to stay for at least one more stage but not sure what or when that will be. Our hope is to stay working for the next month before starting our trip North. They could also just tell us to follow the rig out the gate and close things down for awhile. One thing we have learned working in this business is you can never count on what will come next. I'll keep you posted.

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