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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

it's been a whirlwind

Wow, the last 5 days have gone by really fast, if only the days on the gate would go bay that fast! :-) Saturday we contacted some friends and co-workers from Crazy Horse who live in East Texas thinking we could hook up with them next week on our trek towards Indiana. Rudee and Rand were talking on the phone when she said her and Doug were not far from us at a motorcycle rally in Bandera. That's only 40 miles from us! They gave us directions to their campground and we headed out on the Harley. I got 1/2 way there when I realized I forgot the camera. :-( I guess I'm just not used to this "days off" thing. :-)
We met with Rand and Doug and spent the rest of the day riding the Hill Country of Texas. We rode a ride called "The Three Sisters" which are connecting roads whose number all start with "3" and are perfect motorcycle ride. Another bucket list item done and ready to do it again!

Sunday we had made plans to visit Mike and Les Kennedy. We met them once when we were on vacation prior to fulltime RVing. They were on their first year and we really picked their brains and have stayed in touch. We always get together whenever we are in the same vicinity and we always have a lot of fun. They spend the winter at Buckhorn Lake Resort in Kerrville so we drove over and spent the day with them. They took us to the Alamo Cafe promising us the best burger in Texas.

And it was!
We also made a stop at Luckenbach Texas and took a stroll through the buildings there and listen to the music a short while.

Monday we had to make a trip back to Cotulla to pick up mail that had not arrived yet when we left the gate. We decided to take the bike and make a day out of it! We got our mail and rode further south to the town of Encinal where we turned west. About 5 miles out of Encinal is the Strait Ranch, yep George Strait's house, well one of them anyway. Here is the gate.

His house is back there among the palm trees and his paved 5000' runway is past the house. We rang the bell but George apparently wasn't home and the gate was padlocked. Oh well, guess George will just have to wait to see us next year when we are through here again. :-)

Yesterday we had made arrangements to visit Kit and Jerry Bertelsen who live at Fort Clark Springs in Bracketville Texas. This is a former Cavalry Fort turned retirement home area. They have restored most of the old Fort buildings turning them into motel rooms, museum etc.This is a really neat place!
Jerry and I played a round of golf while the girls ran around the complex on their other golf cart.

 Did you see that shot??!!

We ended up meeting for supper at Applebee's in Uvalde where we had a nice meal with two great friends who got us started in this gate guarding thing. Thanks guys, we'll be back next year and do it all over again. Hopefully I can practice my golf game a little before then so Jerry isn't quite so embarrassed with me in his foursome! :-)

That brings us to today. We are packing up and leaving this morning. In fact Rudee is just finishing making breakfast and I have almost everything done outside. We just have to pull up the jacks and bring the slides in and we're off again! I'll keep you posted.


  1. Sounds like s great way to spend five days off. Riding in the Texas hill country is something we'd like to do. Safe travels and enjoy the family.

  2. Your dance card is full! Have a safe trip home.