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Friday, May 9, 2014

like we never left ..... almost

I forgot to update you on my findings on our electrical issue. Last Saturday I disconnected the 50 amp extension cord and found that the "male" end had a crack in the plastic so decided to take the plug apart to investigate things a little further. Once I had the plug opened up I found our problem. The white wire had pulled loose and apparently had made contact with one of the other wires causing our issue. I was using our 40' extension cord because I thought the on-board cord would not reach. I pulled it out and could reach the pedestal but am sure glad it wasn't another foot away or we would be in trouble. :-)
Using my multi-meter I checked the campground plug and it tested OK so I plugged back in, turned on the breakers and VOILA we have 50 amp power to the coach. :-) I will be purchasing a new 50 amp male end for the extension cord because we have used the cord from time to time and it is very handy to have around.
Rudee and I both started working Wednesday. She was in the gift shop and went through training on their new computer system. Last year they were using an antiquated system and have upgraded to a more user friendly windows based system.
I worked in the Welcome Center where they had a special event occurring. We had around 300 High School freshman attending a program called "Freshman Impact" where they rotate through different "stations". There were professionals from various Police, Fire, EMS and Health Care who gave instructions on topics such as drug use, suicide and bullying. They had demonstrations set up showing how a person's body reacts in a roll over accident, first restrained by a seat belt and then unrestrained. They also had extrication demonstrations including Emergency Medical demonstrations at a mock auto accident complete with "victims". After lunch they attended a mock trial of a teen charged with OWI causing a death in an auto accident and then had to pay their respects to one of their "classmates", the victim of the accident. Very powerful stuff to say the least.
Besides all of this going on we had our regular visitors so we stayed hopping keeping everyone and everything on the right track. :-)
Last year I worked predominantly in the ticket booths on the entrance road. I really wanted to be more involved with guests so last year before leaving I discussed it with my boss. He was very supportive and this year I will be doing something new at work. My job will be as a type of "floater". I will work in the Welcome Center "area" but may be called upon to drive a tour bus for a special tour, take a van tour to the top of the mountain, run errands for the boss around the complex etc. I really wont know what I will be doing from one day to the next, sometimes even one hour to the next but that really doesn't bother me and I enjoy the variety. Plus I get to carry a two way radio, makes it feel just like the old days! HAHAHA
Most of what we are doing though is "old hat" and we fell right back into the routine. There are a few new faces but also a lot of folks we worked with last year have returned (or are year round) and welcomed us back with enthusiasm. We are both confidant we made the right decision to return and are looking forward to a great summer, the only bad thing is summer is a little slow in coming. Yesterday we woke up to this

We got about 4" of snow and it was pretty cold when we rolled out of bed. I was prepared though and had filled our on board water tank before disconnecting the hose so we wouldn't freeze up. The night before we found Amazon buddies Dan and Jonelle had arrived in their 5er and I had the chance to visit with them for a few minutes. Shortly after I took the photo I spotted Jonelle outside and she was cleaning the snow off the windows of the Dakota! Thanks Jonelle! I wasn't sure how I was going to do that since I have no idea where my ice scraper got to. :-)
We got the chance to spend some time with them last evening when we all went out to dinner. We had a great time and the restaurant even gave us a 10% discount for being work campers in the area. Nice! We took them to Crazy Horse afterwards to show them around a little so they will be familiar with the surroundings when the start work next Wednesday. We also showed them some of the local "sites", maybe they will expand a little more on their sightseeing on their blog liv2rv. :-)
Looks like we may be working through the week end but I have not seen the schedule past today. We have asked to work four 10 hour days versus our five eight hour days from last year. My boss has agreed and my days off are Mon, Tues and Wed. Rudee has a different boss and should have the same schedule but we have not heard "officially" yet. I'll keep you posted.


  1. I was wondering where Dan and Jonelle were. Glad they got there ok, say "HI!" for us.

    1. We loaned them our Wilson cell booster... when they got here they had no internet and sketchy cell phone service... so Phil helped Dan put the booster up today, so you should be seeing a new blog posting from them soon ! Rudee

  2. Pulled in to Custer and Wendy says it feels like we were just here not that long ago.
    We will stop in to say hi. have fun

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  4. Glad to hear you are getting back into the groove so easily. Glad the snow is there and not in Central Oregon.