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Friday, October 18, 2019

all right.... I confess!

Work has been changing the last couple of weeks. We had our last fairly large event last Monday, Native Americans Day here in South Dakota. I spent the entire afternoon standing watch over 200 or so middle school students who had waaaaaay too much caffeine LOL. The endless amounts of tour buses that show up during the Spring, Summer and Fall are slowing way down so Winter must be right around the corner.
We have also waved "see ya later" to most of our work campers :-( Never a good time watching them roll out for their winter adventures while we stay here, but our turn will come again. We always look forward to next spring when some of them return and new ones arrive. 

This week we had a mobile glass installer come out and put in a new windshield in our rig. We have probably only driven our rig a total of 20-30 miles in the last 6 years so how did "we" manage to break our windshield? Good question! I would like to say it was from hail, or maybe a falling meteorite or even an alien attack but no .....I did it, I confess the awful truth and here is the long, sad tale :-(
One of the drawbacks of our motorhome is the smallish size fridge and freezer. We really envy those 4 door (or bigger!) fridges they are putting in RV's these days, you know the ones that actually keep ice cream frozen! So in preparation for moving back into the RV I bought one of those 12 volt, 120 volt freezer/refrigerator combo units that look like an oversized beer cooler. The thing works really well and keeps our ice cream frozen and our veggies cool but the only issue is where to put it. I initially thought about one of the outside compartments, you know the one with the power and TV hook ups that you never hook the TV up to? LOL This would be a little inconvenient especially in the winter .....brrrr. Then I saw the huge flat area of the dash and that 1 watt light bulb dimly flashed in my head! I can sit it there! Looks like it will fit perfectly and I can run an extension cord ....perfect! Of course I never measured it to make certain .....I am a man after all and men know these things just by looking! Well I stretched the extension cord to the dash, picked up the cooler and "presto" in it went......except the very back corner was kinda caught on the windshield curtain. There goes that dim bulb again ......it told me "just wiggle it a little" so I did and it dropped right into place.....perfect! I wonder what that little popping sound was??? Well you know now that the popping sound was the windshield cracking. Crap! I knew from prior experience that insurance pays for "stupid" so we filed a claim and THAT is why these guys were here yesterday replacing our windshield.

So now life is slowing down a little for us as we settle in for the long winter. We are meeting friends tonight at the local VFW for steak night. Anyone who has lived in a small town knows what an event Steak Night is, certainly not something to miss out on! Oh ya, Rudee has forbid me from taking any advice from that dim light inside my head, she says to just ask her instead? I'm not so sure about that but I'll keep you posted. :-)

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  1. Rudee'a version was so much different than yours, why is that? We made it home fine, had a great time at dinner tonight although Barb is not feeling so well right now......