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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Workin' RVers

We are Phil and Rudee Rubeck, a husband and wife team who are still toiling at our careers but have moved into, and are living full time, in our 39' fith wheel RV. Our dream is to work, save and be able to retire from the rat race so we can travel and see some of what this great country has to offer.

We moved into the 5th wheel on March 15th 2009. Our home is a 2007 39' Montana 3400rl (rear living) 4 slide 5th wheel trailer. We purchased our coach in December of 06 and have used it for vacations and week end trips with the intention of making it our home ever since.

Our home is currently parked at the KOA in Crawfordsville Indiana. We like the small town feel of Crawfordsville and it's only 20 miles from our soon to be former homestead. Speaking of our house, we put it on the market just before Christmas and ended up getting a contract from our first showing in January. The contract was finally signed in March after some back and forth negotiations but it looks like closing will be the first week in May if all goes well. We have had a huge garage sale and plan at least one more to finish getting rid of stuff. I'll write a little about the emotional turmoil of downsizing in upcoming blogs.

My plan is to update the blog as regularly as I can (remember I'm still toiling away at work). I think this blog will be a bit different from the typical fulltime RVer blog since we are not traveling the countryside (yet) and are living a more "conventional" lifestyle albeit from a "non conventional" home. Stay tuned and see what it's like to live and work fulltime from an RV.

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  1. LOL...I just found you.
    Like you, I am sitting still right now. Working and loving my tiny home. :)