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Thursday, November 5, 2009


That's what it felt like at 4 am this morning. The furnace was out, AGAIN! I got up and turned it off at the thermostat. I waited a few seconds and turned it back on again. Nothing. I decided to just turn the electric heaters on and went back to bed. It's too early to try and mess with this now. I was in bed for about 20 minutes when I heard the furnace kick on again and start warming the 5er up. I fell back to sleep all warm and happy. I got up again about 7:30 and it was cold again, crap!

The furnace has been a struggle for the last year. We had it looked at when we were in Goshen at the factory and they made some adjustments and it has worked fine until this past week end. The furnace will work fine and then for no apparent reason shuts down and will not restart. Sometimes I can get it going by turning it on and off at the thermostat, other times I have to take the panel off on the outside of the 5th wheel and reset it there. Other times I just rap it on the side of the blower and it starts up, kind of a "kick start" :-). Needless to say we have got to get it fixed so we have reliable heat this winter so Rudee left a message with a local mobile RV technician to have him come and check it out.

I went on to work and left Rudee sitting in front of her computer wrapped up in blankets :-O.
The RV tech hadn't called and it was getting close to noon so Rudee called Keystone (manufacturer of our Montana) and talked to Darrell in the Service Center. He put a technician on the phone and after Rudee described all our problems to her she diagnosed that the limit switch was the most likely cause and would need replaced. Shortly afterwards the mobile tech called and he agreed and will order the part and replace it, bad news is the part will not be here until the first part of next week. The good news is the furnace fired back up again and has been running fine all day.

Our son, Matthew, arrived this afternoon for a visit. We took him out to eat at Creekside Restaurant here in Crawfordsville. Steve Suter called as we were leaving the 5th wheel and he was in town and all alone (Trish was working late) so we invited him to tag along as well. Matthew ordered their special which was a breaded cheeseburger, looked interesting and he said it was pretty good. I guess everything is better deep fried :-). The rest of us had "normal" food and we all had a nice time.

Back at the 5th wheel Amanda and the kids stopped in for a visit. We had a house full tonight! Matthew is spending the night and will head back to Columbus tomorrow. The weather looks like it may cooperate enough for us to take a bike ride this weekend, we're keeping our fingers crossed and I'll keep you posted.


  1. Had a lot of the same symptoms in our motorhome last year... turned out to be the blower motor was beginning to seize up. Sometimes wouldn't spin fast enough for the speed sensor to read it was working and would then shut down. When tech pulled the unit out the motor was drawing lots of amps (more than double the norm) just to spin. New motor had it all fixed up.

    Good luck...

    Wes & Kathy

  2. thanks Wes & Kathy. I'll make sure the tech checks that out while he is here.