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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

time flies

Wow I can't believe how quick the days are going by, winter is bearing down on us fast. I had a pretty uneventful day on Friday and the last thing I had to do was to listen in to a conference call meeting given by my boss. The call was scheduled for 1 hour and lasted about 10 minutes so as soon as Rudee got off we started getting things packed up to leave despite the constant rain falling.

It takes us about 1 hour to go from "set up" to road ready not counting having to load the motorcycle. Rudee handles the inside chores and I take care of all the outside stuff. One really nice thing about a 5th wheel is I can hook on all by myself. We have had travel trailers in the past and Rudee would always have to help me back onto the hitch.

We pulled out just after 4:30 and headed west to Waynetown. We arrived at Charlarose Campground about 20 minutes later and got checked in. We had reserved one of their two pull thru spots because they are the only ones that are gravel. The other sites are all grass and with the rain falling our semi would be stuck as soon as the tires hit the wet grass.

Several of our group were already there but no one was out and about due to the rain. I decided to do the bare minimum setting up and just put the jacks down and hooked up the power and water. I was still soaked when I finished though. Grumpy Williams was camped next to us and he invited us to ride with him to get something to eat. We got the group together and headed into Hillsboro and had dinner at the Chatterbox Cafe. The food was good and since the campground was so wet we hung around the restaurant talking for quite awhile. Once back at the 5th wheel we headed in for the night to watch some TV. Dale and Diana Beason joined us for awhile since our TV got a couple of stations theirs did not and they had a couple of shows they didn't want to miss. We enjoyed having company!

Saturday morning the rain had cleared but the temperatures were down. We all got together and went to breakfast in Veedersburg. Back at the 5th wheel I pulled out the overhang skirting we purchased at Camping World a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to get the snaps mounted on the 5th wheel so we could use it this winter. I plan on putting the bicycles under it and am hoping it will block some of the winter wind as well. I had plenty of help putting it up and the installation went well. Looks pretty good.

Rudee and I took a bicycle ride around the lake. Most of the trees had already shed their leaves but the lake still looked pretty.

The gals kept busy getting things ready for our pitch in meal. We had a big roaster full of ham and beans cooking outside our 5th wheel most of the day. Thankfully the weather was decent enough to eat outside on the picnic tables. We all brought side dishes or sweet treats and had a nice meal followed by a campfire. Once the sun was down the temperature really dropped and I didn't last too long afterwards. I guess that is one of the side effects of losing my weight, I get cold faster now! I did last long enough to take a photo of the gang all bundled up around the fire and the full moon rising.

Sunday morning Amanda dropped the kids off at the camper. They were spending the day with us because Amanda and Ryan were going to the Colts game. Grandma made breakfast for her brood and she gave me some too! :-). We hung out for a little while watching Nemo and Spiderman before I started packing up for the trip back to the KOA.

We made it back to our spot and got set back up just in time for the Colts game. We watched the game while eating a late lunch. Well the Colts pulled out a win despite of their poor offensive play. Amanda and Ryan picked the kids back up around 6pm and we settled down for some piece and quiet :-).

No big plans in the works this week but you never know what may happen at the last minute. I'll keep you posted.

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