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Friday, December 17, 2010

busy week

This afternoon and evening we will be having the services for my Mom. We have been busy this week getting her affairs in order and it has actually gone smoother than I expected. I have spent a lot of time researching Estates and Inheritance issues on the Internet.
My Mom did not have a lot of assets but there is a small savings and her home in Florida to deal with. My brother and I met at the lawyers office who held my parents wills. The lawyer will be doing the legal side of things with the will but I drew the line when he wanted to handle changing the deed and title to the mobile home down in Florida. These are both in my name as well as my Mom's and I can handle both of these pretty easily since I just went through this when my Dad died last year. I figure there is no sense paying his outrages fees to take of something I can do myself :-)

My cell phone started acting up Wednesday night. I started to make a call and it said to insert the SIM card which has never, ever been removed. I kept having to shut it off remove the battery. This "reset" it and I could make a call or two and then it would do it all over again.
We do have the "insurance" on our account to cover the phone and I thought about paying the $50 deductible to replace it. I called AT&T and found out I was about 4 months away from qualifying for an upgrade with out being charged an arm and a leg. I talked to the nice gal in customer service and explained that I had been a loyal customer for over 13 years and could she do anything for me. She got a manager involved and got me approved for an early upgrade so off to the phone store we went.
We did check at the Verizon store and compared plans and charges. We ended up staying with AT&T and I got a "smart" phone! This thing is the coolest gadget I have ever seen! With all the gadgets it has I am having a hard time realizing that this thing is also my phone :-)

Rudee and I are off to fill some propane tanks and do some errands. The memorial starts at 4pm and runs into the evening. Looks like the weather is going to cooperate. I'll keep you posted

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