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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Yep, it's winter!

As I predicted work was a zoo this week. I was one busy insurance geek :-).
Tuesday morning we woke up to a dusting of snow which made the roads extremely slick. I was really careful and made it to all my appointments but saw several accidents in my travels. Back in my Sheriff Department days I always dreaded the first snow fall. I guess people forget how to drive in the stuff because we could always count on going from one accident investigation to another all shift long.

Friday evening we attended the annual Christmas party for our GWRRA motorcycle chapter. The meal is catered but we all bring something to share as an appetizer. We also do a gift exchange with a fun twist. Each person brings a $15-$20 wrapped gift, the men buy a "man's" gift and the women a "woman's" gift. Each person gets a raffle ticket and the gifts are passed out by calling out the numbers. Once all the gifts are in hand the fun starts. Someone sets a timer for 3 minutes and you can run around the room exchanging your gift for one you might like better. The only rule is you cannot exchange back with the person that just took your gift. When the timer goes off you are "stuck" with the gift you are holding. We then open our gifts and go around the room each telling everyone what they missed grabbing :-).
I got a couple of small tool kits and Rudee got a bag of M&M's and a bunch of lottery scratch offs (she won $6.00).

We woke up Saturday to a bunch of snow :-( !! Glad I didn't have to drive to work today! we got around 4-5 inches and it snowed off and on most of the morning. We did venture out to Lafayette in the Dakota. I even got to use the 4 wheel drive! Not that I really "needed" 4 wheel drive but, heck fire the truck has it and it gets my testosterone flowing! :-)

While in Lafayette we dropped our motorcycle helmets off at a friends house. He is a good painter and offered to paint them for us. Our helmets are flip face style and I like wearing it in the cold and/or rainy days. We bought them a couple of years ago and they are red to match the Goldwing and we look a little strange now since the Harley is purple and white. I also have a black open face one that I wear a lot in the summer. He priced some paint from Harley so they would match the bike but getting only enough for the 2 helmets was still going to cost $80 !! No way, black is fine with me :-).

We took our son Matthew and his gf Mandie out for lunch and they tagged along with us while we picked up some groceries. They had good news, Mandie has found a job in a store at the mall. They have been struggling to make it and the extra paycheck will help them a bunch.

Amanda and grandson Nicholas came up Saturday evening and picked Rudee up. The three of them went to the new Harry Potter movie. I'm not a "Potter" fan and decided to spend the time relaxing here at the 5er. They had a great time and Nicholas spent the night with us sacked out on our couch.

We have a float building workshop this afternoon with the motorcycle group and of course the Colt's have a game today too. We'll see how much "building" gets done in between plays. I'll keep you posted.

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