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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hot time at the rally!

This past week end we attended the GWRRA Indiana Winter Rendezvous in Indianapolis. This is not your typical motorcycle rally since the weather in January in Indiana is not conducive to riding a motorcycle! They started this rally to kind of break up the long cold winter and get us all dreaming of warm riding weather!
Rudee and I took Friday off from work and met a few of our friends at Flapjack's in Lebanon for breakfast. Grumpy Williams was pulling his enclosed cargo trailer which held our float entry. Our friends have been working on the float for several weeks and had finished it up last Sunday. The theme for the rally is "Hillbilly Hoot-Nanny" so we made a replica of the Beverly Hillbilly's truck complete with rag dolls to represent the "hillbillies" driving to California. Here is a photo:

We arrived at the rally around noon and got checked into our room at the Marriott East Hotel in Indianapolis. They have held the rally here for the last three years and it is a really nice place.
There was not much happening so we changed into our suits and headed for the hot tub for a nice long soak. I do miss the hot tub we used to have on our patio back when we owned a house with out wheels :-)

Friday evening they held the talent show. Rudee joined several of our friends and they all got up on stage in their hillbilly clothes and sang a parody of the Beverly Hillbilly's theme song. They didn't win anything but had a fun time and they all looked good in their bib overalls and "billy-bob" teeth :-).

Once the talent show was over they allowed us to bring our floats in and store them inside until the "Grand Parade" on Saturday night. We went out to Grumpy's trailer and opened the ramp door and this is what we found:

The float had somehow caught on fire :-0! I still find it hard to believe that Grumpy's trailer didn't burn up too. The float had been covered with sheets and they were all burnt off. Two of the three dolls were burned as well as a good portion of the float! Needless to say we were all dumbfounded and just closed the trailer back up.

Saturday morning we all decided to enter the float in the parade anyway! We came to play and by golly we were going to compete! We unloaded the float and brought it inside and started assessing the damage. The lights all worked with the exception of the one headlight that had melted and we still had 1 1/2 rag dolls left. The guys busied themselves making the float look a little better while the gals kept soaking it with fabreeze to get the "stink" out :-). I even wrote a song that we sang while pulling it in the parade. The crowd seemed to love our little burned up float almost as much as we did. We even took 3rd place out of 6 entries! I bet we could have won easily if they had only seen it before the fire!

Sunday morning we checked out and headed for the Indiana State Fairgrounds where they were holding the Central Indiana RV Show. We browsed through most of the 5th wheels and motor homes they had on display. We didn't find anything we liked that we could afford so we came away empty handed. That's OK we are really happy with our Montana.

This week end we are going with Rob and Jany Runion to another Rv show at the fairgrounds in Louisville Kentucky, maybe we'll find something there ............. hmmmmmm :-). I'll keep you posted!

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