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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Oh Crud!

Well it's been a "cruddy" end to the week. :-(

First of all I woke up Tuesday morning with a scratchy throat and an annoying little cough. This turned into a full fledged "crud attack" by the end of the day. So far Rudee has kept her distance and has avoided it. I have been popping over the counter cold pills as well as taking Nyquill but am still all "stuffed up". Yuck.

We made the drive to Plainfield yesterday morning and took Rudee's Mom out to lunch. Her Dad was not feeling too good, he was fighting a cold too, and didn't feel like going out.
Rudee's sister BJ and bil David joined us and we had a nice lunch at Coachman's Restaurant.
We had did get the chance to visit with Rudee's Dad some after driving her Mom back home before heading hime ourselves.

Once back in Crawfordsville we made a grocery run and since the movie theater is right next door I suggested we check out an afternoon matinee. I love a good western and they have re-made one of my old John Wayne favorites "True Grit".
Jeff Bridges plays the role of "Rooster Cogburn" and does a great job of it. Rudee had never seen the John Wayne version and we both enjoyed the show.

We made it back to the 5th wheel and Rudee fixed us a quick supper of Tuna Casserole w/ garlic bread and "yum yum muffins" ( http://www.fox59.com/news/morningnews/wxin-yum-yum-brownie-muffins-01062011,0,5929468.story ). This was her first try at the muffins and they turned out great.

We settled in to watch the Colts play the Jets. The game was nip and tuck all the way and the Colts have almost always found a way to have the ball in the last 2 minutes and pull out a win. This game was coming down to the wire and the defense had made a great stop causing the Jets to punt it back to us with over 2 minutes left. All we needed to do was kill the remaining time. Well with all the injuries our team has had this year there are a lot of new faces and 3rd and 4th team rookies playing. One of these guys decided he was going to be a hero and when the Jets tried to punt he came blasting through and knocked the punter down long after he had kicked the ball. This is a 5 yard penalty and gave the Jets another first down. They made a couple of more plays and kicked a field goal winning the game at the last second. More Crud!

We had a small issue with our water heater last week end when we returned from Michigan. I have been using it on the LP gas instead of the electric (it works off of either) because the electric coils had stopped working. I am not sure what is going on with that. They were just replaced back in the fall and have quit again? I'll look into that once the weather gets above freezing! Anyway, we got back and I flipped the switch for the water heater to fire up and could hear it trying but would not light up no matter how many times I turned the switch on and off :-(
I went out side and removed the outer door and found it was leaking from the pressure relief valve. I was not sure what to do with it and "fiddled" with the valve some but it was still leaking a steady stream of water. I remembered on our toy hauler the valve would dribble some and if I tapped it with a screw driver it would "seat" itself and stop leaking. I got out a wrench and tapped the valve and it slowed down a lot but was still leaking some. I tapped on it some more and it quit! I got out Rudee's hair dryer and used it to dry everything out. I tried turning it back on and low and behold she lit up and we were back in business! Wow I'm a water heater repairman now! :-)
The only thing I can think of that caused it is by turning it off the pressure valve did not close like it should once the water in the tank cooled down. This caused it to dribble a small stream and wet everything down which in turn froze everything up. Moral of the story, don't be a cheapskate and shut the water heater off just to save a buck on propane :-)

We are going to our float building session this afternoon after being lazy all morning. Man that Nyquill really knocks a guy out. Hopefully it will knock this cold out too. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Enjoy reading your blog. Can't believe you are in Indiana winter. We moved to TX as soon as we retired from teaching in Martinsville for 34 years. Right now we are trying the gate guard lifestyle at $125 per day. Taking a break, but will be back at it in Feb. Check us out at www.kitandjerry.com