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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Baby it's cold outside!

Well we survived the big winter blast of 2011! I even made it out to work each day last week. I must have been the only one working because my boss' boss sent me an "atta boy" and I got another one from our regional manager. Cool :-). I guess most of the other guys stayed inside all snug and warm, didn't seem like too big a deal to me, heck I have been in a lot worse when I was on the Sheriff's Dept. out working accidents.
We had several inches of sleet on Monday followed by more ice and snow on Tuesday and Wednesday. All the schools around here were closed for most of last week and several of the surrounding counties issued "snow emergencies" meaning you should stay off the roads.
I did get stuck a couple of times in my travels but was able to get the car moving again by rocking back and forth. The worst time of all was trying to get back into the KOA. They had cleared the main road coming in but not the roads to the sites. I had a hard time making the loop back to our site but made it never the less.
I was worried about losing power to the 5th wheel since there was so much ice on the power lines and then the winds picked up. Rudee said the power flashed off and on a couple of times but always came back on.
Most everything in our 5th wheel can be operated off it's 12v battery including the furnace but it wouldn't take long to deplete the battery and then "no more heat" :-0.
I was looking at a generator last week end when we were at the RV show and thought about buying it but didn't. I think I'll be investing in one soon though, this way we wouldn't have to depend on any outside resources if things get bad again.

This week things have cooled back down again. Actually it's colder than a penguin's toe! :-)
The Montana (and us!) have handled the cold pretty well. The furnace sure does run a lot though when the outside temperatures drop into the single digits. We usually have the thermometer set at 72 during the day and turn it down to 69 at night and stay pretty comfortable.
They say we will have one more day of bitter cold and then it will slowly rise and looks like this week end it may get above the 32 degree mark. We could sure use the melt down to get rid of all this snow that has been around "forever" :-).

This week end may be kind of boring since football season is over and still another week before the NASCAR season starts. Not sure what we are going to do :-) but of course, I'll keep you posted.

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