"if you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much room"

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Well another week in the books. I had a pretty good week, not so busy that I was chasing my tail and no real "difficult" people to deal with.
In case you forgot I work for a large major insurance company in their auto claims department. If you have a wreck I'm the guy they send out to write an estimate on the damage to your car. Other people do the investigating and make the decisions who is at fault and why, I just look at dents and help people get their cars put back the way they were before the wreck.
Of course there are always some who think they have won the lottery just because they were in an accident. "Sorry, I can't pay for the shop to fully restore your rusted out 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier with 900,000 miles on it when the only damage from the accident is the tail light is broken" :-).
Rudee's week was a little busier and she ended up working overtime most days. I think we are both more than ready to tell our employers "adios".

Friday evening we met Steve and Trish at Stookey's in Thorntown. I was in the mood for a nice steak and they have the best around in my opinion. They are also "famous" for their onion rings and we ordered some to share. Our meals were all good and I got my "steak fix". The restaurant got really busy while we were eating so we didn't get to linger around after our meal. I always hate standing waiting on a table and watching people who have been finished for an hour just sit and talk so I usually get in a hurry if others are waiting. I know there is no "rule" you have to get right up and leave, but hey, if others are waiting it's only common courtesy, right?

We had made arrangements to pick up our grand daughter Avalynn so she could spend the night with us. We have had the other two a couple of times overnight and it has been awhile since Avalynn came over and we both needed some "Grandma and Grandpa" time :-). We are planning on taking her to breakfast this morning and then maybe take a road trip to Plainfield later in the day.

We are looking forward to the big melt down here. The snow (which is now mostly ice) should start melting away this week end. They are calling for temps in the low 40's for the next several days. I'm sure there will be some flooding with the large mounds of piled snow next to all the roads and parking lots until it all melts away. I, for one, will be glad to see our lower step again. The snow is so deep it has covered our step for the last couple of weeks :-O.

Rudee says her favorite season is Autumn, mine is Spring and as I sit here writing I can here the birds singing outside. I have also noticed flocks of Robin's returning from the south and of course that huge "rat" in Pennsylvania didn't see his shadow. That all means an early Spring. Right??? I'll keep you posted :-)


  1. Yes, the ground hog also predicted an early spring. I'm sure you are hoping that will be true. We were lucky and retired just in time to miss such a brutal winter.

    Enjoy the meltdown! Have you started to make your plans to visit us in Colorado?

  2. would love to come to Colorado and still considering it but some things are happening at Rudee's work. Not sure how it's going to play out so we are putting a hold on vacation plans right now. :-(