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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Staying warm

Summer has arrived with a vengeance. We have had temperatures in the upper 90's and even flirted with triple digits.
The a/c unit in our 5th wheel has been struggling to keep up and pretty much runs the entire day trying to keep the inside cool. We have been using fans to help circulate the air and that helps it feel cooler. So far we have been weathering the heat pretty well.
Our new generator arrived at the UPS store Monday morning so Rudee dropped by and picked it up. We bought a Boliy 3600 with electric start. We would have liked to have had one of the Honda generators that are favored in the RV community but they are pretty high $$. I did some research and the Boliy provides the necessary power to run our a/c so we can keep cool while we are boondocking and it is 1/2 the cost. The generator is also very quiet which is important when boondocking near others. Here is an internet photo of the one we bought.
When Rudee brought it home we unpacked it, filled it with oil and gas and fired it up! I was very impressed with how quick it started up and how quite it is. The unit already has a 30amp plug in that matches our RV cord so all we have to do in plug in. I think this will be a winner and we look forward to having power whenever and wherever we need it.
The week just trudged along here as far as work is concerned. I'm looking forward to getting "short timers" disease but that is still a few months down the road I think :-).
Friday was our 33rd Anniversary and we celebrated with dinner at Red Lobster in Lafayette In. We drove over in the truck since it would have been a really hot motorcycle ride. On the way to the restaurant we started hearing a strange sound when I was turning and braking. The truck would "pop" and I thought it may be either a shock or the brakes. The truck needed an oil change so Rudee called Big O tires in Lebanon to have that done and since we bought our tires there they will rotate and balance them for free so we figured they could check the noise out while they were doing that. She was told we wouldn't need and appointment and to just get there early Saturday morning and they could have it done later that day.
Saturday morning we were up early and I followed Rudee to Lebanon on the motorcycle where we dropped off the truck. After a quick breakfast at Flapjacks we headed to Indianapolis. Rob Runions Dad has been in the hospital so we stopped in to visit and see how he was doing.
Rob was there and we got to meet his sister from Florida. We didn't get to see his Dad who had been taken from his room for dialysis and was not due to return for awhile.
We ended up taking a ride through Indianapolis and ended up in Plainfield where we met up with Rudee's sister and brother in law, David and BJ. They hopped on their Goldwing and rode with us to Stylesville Indiana where we had an early supper and a nice little bar/restaurant on US 40 the "National Road".
We parted company at the restaurant, Rudee and I rode North while David and BJ headed the opposite direction towards their house.
Sunday we picked up the truck in Lebanon. They had changed the oil, rotated the tires and found that the brakes were worn out and needed rotors as well. They also found a problem in the steering rack that was causing the "popping" noise. They told us that Dodge had a recall on the problem and we needed to make an appointment with them to have it looked at. They said it was safe to drive so we paid the bill and Rudee headed for Plainfield. She will be staying with her Dad the next two nights to help out. She says her Mom is doing a lot better at the rehab facility and hopefully will be home soon.
I guess tomorrow starts another week at work :-(. I guess I need to look at it as one week closer to retirement rather than just another week at work :-).
No real big plans for next week. The Brickyard 400 Nascar race is next week end in Indy so the campground here may fill up with race fans, should be a fun time. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Hi Phil,
    I am checking on generators too. I hope that the Boliy works for you. I guess that you too have "short timer's" disease already. I'm counting down one DAY at at time. Hopefully, I will meet you and Rudee down the road.