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Monday, August 1, 2011

Week end on the motorcycle

Saturday morning Rudee and I hopped on the bike and headed to a local restaurant, Michael's, for breakfast. While eating we tried to decide where we wanted to ride to but really didn't come up with anything. I finally decided to just head south figuring their were more trees and hills in Southern Indiana and thus more shade :-).
With that big decision over I pointed the bike south and we headed out looking for curves and shade! LOL.
We headed south on SR 59 and passed through several of the small towns that Indiana is known for. Seems like you cannot go more than a few miles after leaving one small burg before having to slow down for another. Each one of these towns has it's own personality and several have signs at their entrance boasting of famous residents or achievements.
I enjoy these times where Rudee and I can unwind, talk, dream and just be together.
We stopped for lunch in Clay City Indiana where they boast to be the "Mayberry of the Midwest". We ate a small restaurant in the middle of the "downtown" block of business'. The place was not busy, partly due to the road construction going on that detoured most of the traffic away from the "main drag". We enjoyed our lunch and talked about not wanting the day to end. That's when I suggested we just keep on going! We had enough points built up on our Choice Hotels membership that we qualified for a free night at any of their chain of Comfort, Quality, Clarion etc hotels.
We decided that Evansville Indian would be a good destination and should have a number of hotels to choose from so I got online with my phone and searched for a room.
I was able to book a room for the night at the Clarion and we fired up the bike and continued our ride.
We took our time and stayed off the main highways for the most part. We ended up arriving in Evansville around 4pm. Now remember we were only planning on a day ride, we had no toothbrushes, toothpaste or deodorant so we stopped at a CVS pharmacy and bought some trial size "supplies" before checking in to our room.
You know people give you some funny looks when you are checking in and your luggage is a small plastic bag! :-)
I still had a gift card to Red Lobster that Amanda and Matthew gave me for Fathers Day so that turned out to be our restaurant of choice for dinner. We had a nice meal and since Evansville is on Central time (1 hour behind us) we were able to beat the Saturday evening rush.
We did take a stroll through the Casino Boat but really didn't have a lot of interest in it. We played some of the slot machines but they seemed a little out dated and the place was crowded and smokey.
Walking back to the bike in their parking lot we stopped at an overlook for the river where we sat and watched a big barge hauling coal pass by. Sometimes I forget to stop and smell the roses because work and other commitments get in the way. I'm looking forward to doing more of this once we hit the road as full time RVer's.
Back at the motel Rudee made me get undressed! Whoo Hoo! :-)
No it's not what you think, she was hand washing our clothes. Remember we didn't pack anything for this trip? Yep gotta wear today's clothes tomorrow and it's been in the 90's ..... ewwwwww. She turned the sink into a washing machine and since I was already undressed I took a shower :-).
We hung our clothes near the a/c fan hoping they would dry by morning and called it a night.
Sunday we ended up putting on clammy clothes :-). Guess they were still a little damp :-) No worries though, the weather was going to be in the 90's again so they will dry in less than 2 miles of riding :-)
We took a long route home following the river for several miles before turning North. The temperature climbed pretty quickly but we took frequent breaks and we always try to drink plenty of water to help us stay cool. The last 50 miles was the worst though. We were both getting pretty hot and all we could think about was how nice the pool was going to be once we made it back home.
When we did make it home I didn't even park the bike in it's normal place, just park it where it stopped and jumped off! We changed into our swim suits and were in the pool in less than 5 minutes after pulling into the KOA ....... ahhhhh that pool felt good!
Rudee will be in Plainfield for the next couple of days helping her parents. Her Mom may get released to come home this week. I'm sure she is ready to leave the rehab facility! No big plans for me, just going back to work so I can be another week closer to retiring. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Sounds like a perfect day! Sometimes it's fun to have folks think you're doing something elicit when it's just us old married folks... LOL

  2. I know how it feels each day at "work" is just one day closer to retirement.
    Can't wait, I have "short timer's disease". lol