"if you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much room"

Monday, September 24, 2012

arrived in Virginia

Saturday there was a threat of rain and we hoped it would hold off long enough for the kids to make their rounds. We bought two big bags of candy and wanted to get rid of it, we sure didn't need that temptation hanging around the 5er. :-)
The trick or treating was supposed to start at 5pm and, sure enough, the rain started at 4:30. I went outside and put the awning out so we could stay dry but had my doubts there would be any kids coming. Rudee had the candy ready and we bundled up (it was a cold rain!) and waited.

I guess a little freezing monsoon can't hold back the lure of free candy because here they come! :-)
We had around 30 "spooks" help relieve of us of our candy.

The campground was having a haunted hayride later that evening and we talked about going but it was still raining and had gotten colder so we just stayed indoors with the fireplace on. :-)

Sunday morning we were up early and packing up for the road. We pulled out of the campground about 8:30 and headed back onto  the toll road. Our trip today took us through Pennsylvania, a little bit of Maryland and finally into Virgina. The traffic steadily increased as the day wore on and after 320 miles we were ready to stop for the night. I researched campgrounds in the Washington DC area near where we would be working and there were not a lot of options. Most were too far away and all of them were very high priced. I stumbled on this place Greenville Farm Family Campground. They have mixed reviews on the internet but were fairly reasonable for the area and could accommodate us. We arrived with an open mind :-). The entrance was a bit weird, down a long lane and then you have to make a loop around their garage next to their house where the office is. Once we registered we drove back to the campground area. This is a working farm as well as a campground. The pull through site we were assigned was long and fairly easy to get into. The biggest complaint we read about was the sites being unlevel, well ours was too but nothing that a couple of boards under one side of the 5er tires couldn't solve. We are paying $40 per night for a full hook up, pull through site and are about 20 miles from the storage facility so this should work well for a couple of days.
Our plan today is to drive over and meet the managers and scope out the RV parking at the storage lot before deciding if we will move over there or extend our stay and commute. Then we are catching the train into DC and will do some sightseeing before starting work Wednesday. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Sounds like you are figuring out how to make the new gig work and avoid getting into tight spots! Enjoy DC. It's one of my favorite cities.

  2. I was in SC back I '62 and liked the sightseeing , we also went to Williamsburg and Mount Vernon. Enjoyed it all.