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Saturday, September 22, 2012

training done, moving on

We finished our training Thursday and got the call to move to Virginia and cover for a management couple who are taking vacation. OK, now the hard part begins. We have to get this big old 5th wheel out of this tight parking spot between all these buildings. :-o
Friday morning we packed everything for travel and I hooked on. With Rudee guiding me I tried several different ways to make the turn between the buildings to head out the exit row. We finally got the 5er into the row by backing down it but to do that I had to jacknife the truck at a sharp angle and did not have room for the front of the truck to "swing around" so we were straight. We unhooked the truck and I was able to reposition it and then hook back on and back out of the storage facility lot. The only casualty was a broken turn lamp lens on the truck from a gutter downspout :-(.
The whole ordeal took us over an hour just to go about 100 yards! I told Rudee, never again will I put us in that position. When we get to a new assignment there will have to be plenty of room for us, if not the company will need to reimburse us for a nearby campground, a motel or we will just move on.

Once we hit the road we were both stressed out and still had to put some miles under our belt. We headed south skirting Toledo and then jumped on the Ohio Turnpike. I avoid toll roads as much as I can but this is the quickest way east from here and the company will pay me for the toll charges we incur.
The toll road was not too bad and we made pretty good time. We did stop in one of the service plazas for a break and I noticed they had a lot of services for RVers although the $20.00 dump station fee seemed a little "over the top" :-o.
We decided to pull in fairly early and found a KOA just east of Cleveland that could accommodate us. We pulled in to the Streetsborough KOA  just before 4pm and got set up in a nice long pull through. This week end they are celebrating Halloween with a bunch of activities including the kids trick or treating. The last several years we have joined our motorcycle buddies for a week end camp out at White River Campground in Indiana for their Halloween week end. This will be the first year we have missed and were both kinda bummed about it so we decided to stay an extra night here to rest, recharge and celebrate Halloween :-). We will be missing our friends back home but are looking forward to the "fun" here. I'll keep you posted.


  1. We were fortunate to have a huge RV/boat parking area at the facility we were managing when we bought our 5er. Still, it was a bit tricky making the turns around some of the buildings. Nope, a storage job is definitely not worth risking your rig. Trust me. Spent almost 4 years in the storage business. Hopefully, though, you'll have plenty of room and will enjoy your new adventure!

  2. We keep our 5er at a Storage yardthat has areas for different sized RVs, Trucks, Boats and School Buses. Luck for us they have a second gate with an electrically controlled openner similar to garage door openers. Before we had to struggle to get around the buildings ourselves. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Glad I'm not the pilot. Would hate to back up. We leave in a couple of weeks after sitting here in Oregon for several months. I'm a little anxious about moving but Steve always says "it is what is, if something breaks we fix it!" Hope you enjoy your new positions. See you somewhere down the road.

  4. Glad you made it out with only minor damage. We leave Oregon in a couple of weeks after sitting almost 6 months. Hope everything goes smoothly, no suprises. Will spend a couple of weeks sightseeing on the way to Fernley. Hope you enjoy your new positions. Look forward to meeting you down the road. Joan