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Sunday, September 29, 2013

packing up

Our time here at Crazy Horse is all but done. We have one more shift to work and then we will be pulling out. Our summer has simply flown by and we have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. :-)
What a great experience this work camping job turned out to be!
I have been busy getting things "road worthy". The Harley is loaded into our cargo trailer and has been strapped down and I have the trailer hooked up to the motorhome ready to roll.
Yesterday I fired up the big Caterpillar diesel and let things warm up and ran into a small issue. The pressure was not building up in the air system and without air pressure you cannot release the brakes so this was an issue that needed attended to right away. I had a similar problem last year in Texas and "fiddling" with the manual release valves under the motor home solved the problem. I crawled underneath and tried this again and it worked. The air pressure came up to normal and all is well. :-)
Before going to work today I plan on disconnecting all the utilities and get the hoses and cell booster antenna put away. We are hoping to get on the road early tomorrow morning to start our trip to Indiana. The weatherman says we should have a stiff tail wind tomorrow afternoon, maybe it will help push us along. :-)

We got a call early last week that our Dodge Dakota was deemed a total loss due to the hail damage earlier this month. :-(
After going over all the numbers with the adjuster we have decided to keep the the truck and just live with the dents. The truck looks really ugly but we know it's history and we have it set up like we want it, plus we just bought brand new tires (the day before the hail storm!) and had the M & G brake system installed last spring. We are planning to replace the windshield once we get back to Indiana and will use the remaining insurance settlement to shore up our savings account a little.
We are waiting for the check to arrive for the damage to our RV. We will be replacing the slide out awning canvas and the shower skylight ourselves so stay tuned for another "adventure in RV repairs"! Next post will be either from Indiana or somewhere in between. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Good luck! I always feel a little nervous when we move after sitting for awhile. We now have two dings in the jeep's windshield and one in the motorhome's.

  2. I've finally caught up reading blogs and I'm also getting ready to get back out on the road heading for AZ for the winter. I get cleared by the doctor next week and will have someone come out to go over everything to make sure I'm ready to leave when my son comes out to help me drive.