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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

short timers

Today we are starting our last 2 weeks of work here at Crazy Horse. We have had a really good time here, most of the time. There have been some "wish this day would end" times but, thankfully, those have been few. Our campground is starting to empty as our co-workers begin to leave. We have had 7 rigs pull out in the last few weeks. The owners are not leaving early, their commitments were only until September  while our's isn't completed until October 1st.

The weather has turned to more "autumn" like with overnight temperatures dropping into the 40's. We have been using our electric heaters and have even turned the furnace on a couple of times. :-o
With the low temps we have also had some fog. Last Friday the fog hung around all day and made my little ticket booth a lonely, spooky place. :-)
The fog was "thicker then pea soup" and the monument was totally covered. When this happens we charge 1/2 price for admission to all the museums which makes it a really good deal since you can then get a pass to come back for free when the weather clears. I greeted every car with "Welcome to Crazy Horse. The Monument is fogged in and not visible but entrance today to all our museums is 1/2 price due to the fog". All day long though, car after car, the questions were the same. "What time is the fog going to lift ?", "can we see Crazy Horse ?" and "what's the weather going to be like tomorrow". :-)

Yesterday was a warm and sunny day. We took advantage and hopped on the bike for a nice ride. We started out riding over to Keystone for a breaded tenderloin sandwich and then headed to Deadwood. We took our time since traffic was light and really enjoyed the ride. We toured the Adams Museum in Deadwood (another "freebie" with our VIP card) that told the history of the town. This was one wild and dangerous place back in the day. Lot's of bars, prostitution and colorful characters.
We made a stop at the grocery store on our way home for a couple of items and even bought a bundle of wood for a campfire. Once back at the RV our neighbors, Tom and Liz, came over and we had an impromptu pitch in dinner followed by an evening around our fire ring sharing stories. :-)

Our start times at work are getting earlier since they keep moving back the closing time now that it is getting darker earlier. They do their best to make sure we get a full 40 hours since that is what we committed to. I tend to get a couple hours of overtime each week as well. Ten more work days and we'll be headed back to Indiana for some grand kid (and "kid" time. :-) Once we leave here we will probably not let any grass grow under the motor home wheels as we make a beeline East. I'll keep you posted.


  1. I have a question about the job. Would you work there again?

    1. yep, sure would, without hesitation. This area is a wonderful place and we had a lot of fun exploring. The views are nice and the weather has been excellent, mostly, could have done without the hail though. :-)

    2. work was decent too. They really appreciate your hard work and we have had a lot of fun. There are some "quirks" with the job but nothing bad. The biggest drawback is the next days schedule isn't posted until 5pm the day before and your hours are changing on a daily basis. Rudee and I rarely have breaks at the same time and our start/stop times are often 30 minutes to an hour different. We have always had the same 2 days in a row off though.

    3. Thanks for the info. We were there for a week in June and would like to go back.

  2. Wow, you found an Indiana favorite, a breaded tenderloin sandwich, right there in Keystone!

  3. Enjoy the rest of your time there, and your break! :) Looking forward to meeting you guys in a few weeks.

  4. Your comment about the guest asking about when the fog was going to lift. Reminds me of Disney for the guests asking when the 3 o'clock parade was.

  5. Isn't it great to be able to travel, "where the weather suits your clothes." Glad the job worked out well. I rode my "Road King" to Billings a few years back and stopped off in Deadwood for a couple of days and rode around the area. I look forward to making it back.