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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

looking ahead

All I can say is "WOW" and "Thank You" for all the support we have in the RV community it truly is humbling.
Looks like I will keep on writing our little blog here and let you all know how cold it gets this winter. :-)

This Sunday will be our last shift as work campers at Crazy Horse and we will leave Monday morning for Indiana. Our new positions start on the 15th of October and it will probably be awhile before we can take some time off again. One of my duties will be to help train incoming work campers next season. They hire quite a few and it is a fun place to work and spend the summer. The pay is above average and you are paid for every hour you work plus time and half for OT. The campground is about 1/2 mile away and has full hook up pull through sites. They do not have Wifi or cable but do have a nice laundry room. The cell service is spotty here as well. AT&T put up a new tower nearby late last year so their signal is super strong with 4g internet but Verizon is weak and requires a booster to receive a decent reliable signal. There are no over-the-air TV stations so satellite is a must if you are a TV watcher like me. There is a minimal charge for your campsite (this year and last was $6.50 per day) and a bonus is available of up to .25 for every hour you worked based on your performance.
Work campers work in almost all the areas of Crazy Horse including the restaurant, kitchen, gift shop, ticketing & welcome/orientation center, bus tours and maintenance/facilities. They do like for people to work a minimum of 32 hours but preferably 40 hour weeks are the norm.
The jobs, of course, are not for everyone and can sometimes be demanding. Count on being on your feet for your entire 8 hour shift (you will get a 1 hour unpaid lunch break usually 1/2 way through your day) unless of course you are a tour bus driver and then you use your voice more then your feet. :-).
The memorial is open from 7:30 pm until around 10 pm during the summer and you can expect to work a variety of shifts. They are very good at scheduling spouses the same days off but your shifts can vary during working days. We are an example of that because Rudee works until close Thursday and Friday and then 9-8 (includes her 1 hour meal time) on Saturday and Sunday. My normal shift is 8 am - 7 pm Thu-Sun, we do work 10 hour shifts (our request) so we get our 40 hours but still have 3 days off.
Without a doubt Crazy Horse has been our best work camping experience. The hours are long at times but the work is fun and we have made lifelong friends with some of our fellow work campers. The area is a fantastic place to explore and one of the perks is a "VIP" pass given to the work campers that get you in free at a lot of the tourist areas as well as other perks. One of the golf courses nearby lets you play 18 holes for the price of nine with your VIP card plus there are many other businesses that participate in the program. So if you are looking for a spot for next summer (May through mid-October) give Crazy Horse a look and maybe you'll be our neighbor next year. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Overtime is a good thing, last season I was working over 50 hrs a week with no overtime.
    $195 a month for the RV spot, does that cover everything? Is there a bathhouse with free showers? What was the starting hourly wage this season?

    1. pay varies by job but pay is between 8.00 to 8.50 per hour for gift shop personal and welcome center folks. Restaurant and bus drivers get tips so their hourly may be less but I'm not sure. The campground fees pay for everything and they have a nice shower house/restroom.

  2. I second all that you said about Crazy Horse! Great place!

  3. Geez, we didn't have time to post a comment on your blog from Monday, and you posted another one already!! We are very happy that everything has worked out for the two of you. Definitely keep up the blog. We had a great summer in the Black Hills, and who knows what the future holds?! That is the beauty of this lifestyle! Safe travels back to Indiana, and best wishes on the new positions.

  4. Phil I have to say the jobs sound very intriguing. Sue and I are definitely considering sending in our resumes and application. One question we have is with the campground costs do you have an idea of electric costs? Are utilities included or is there a monthly cost?



    1. Les,
      There is no additional charge for the utilities at the campground. They usually start responding to new applications after the 1st of the year once they give the work campers they invite back from this season an opportunity to respond.

  5. We are in Crawfordsville at the KOA right now until this Friday. Sounds like you have a lot going on to make your move. We are busy too. However, if it works it would be nice to meet.