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Friday, May 14, 2010

finally Friday!

We have our bags packed and are ready to head out as soon as work ends today. We are riding to Litchfield Il. with Rob and Jany Runion to attend the Neihaus Honda Customer Appreciation Days.
Rob and Jany are going to meet us here late this afternoon and we'll head out. Litchfield is about 200 miles away and we have a room reserved for tonight near the dealership. We plan on spending the morning walking through the vendors and "window shopping" then we are heading to Sikeston Missouri (another 200 miles) to visit Lambert's Restaurant and spend the night. Sunday we will point the bikes toward Indiana and take a leisurely ride towards home. We have all taken Monday off and will spend another night "out on the road" before coming home Monday afternoon.
We are sure looking forward to getting away, even for only a few days. The weather looks like it may cooperate. There is a chance of rain late Sunday and Monday but that seems to change about every hour.
We had the chance to get together with our good friends Steve and Trish the other night and met them for dinner in Frankfort. They had just picked up their trailer they use to haul their Goldwing in when traveling. They had a decal applied to both sides of it by a local company. The company made the decal from a photo of them riding the Dragons Tail which is US 129 at the Tn./N.C. border. The road is famous for it's twists and turns (300+ curves in 11 miles) and riding this stretch of road is on most motorcyclists bucket lists. Steve and Trish were on it last year and here is their photo now displayed on their trailer.

Looks Great guys.
I hope to have some great photos of our "weekend away" so stay tuned, I'll keep you posted.

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