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Sunday, May 2, 2010

bad Phil, no blogging!

I guess I have neglected the blog lately .......... BAD PHIL!! We really have not done anything exciting mostly just working. Last weekend we did drive to Universal to mushroom hunt on the property of a friend of Rudee's parents. No luck though.

I have had a busy week at work. We started out with a 3 hour training class Monday and then I got hit with a bunch of assignments and that continued most of the week so I was running pretty hard.

We were able to take a nice motorcycle ride Friday evening and met up with friends, Rob and Jany Runion for dinner. We even made an ice cream stop for desert! The temperature was nice and warm but the wind was blowing pretty strong. They were predicting thunderstorms for overnight and they arrived about 3 am. The thunder and lightning woke us up but thankfully didn't last too long.

This week end we drove over to the I-65 Chrome Shop in Remington Indiana. I bought some "bling" for the Freightliner so we look a little better running down the highway :-). We got all new chrome lug nut covers and front hub caps to replace the rusty ones we currently have. I also got 2 new chrome air supply knobs for inside the cab. These should dress it up pretty nice!

I like reading the various RV forums and enjoy reading the questions from couples that are brand new full timers or are considering taking the "plunge". One thing that comes up occasionally is "what is your exit plan"?
There are always a variety of answers to this. Some say they chose to keep their current home so they "have someplace to come back to". Others sold their home and are keeping the equity from the sale "in a separate account" so they can purchase another home. There is really no clear majority.
Rudee and I have a plan on achieving the kind of fulltime RV lifestyle we desire. We have put that plan in motion and are going full steam ahead. When we sold the house we knew we would not be able to save the proceeds for a "rainy day". Those $$ were used to help us on our way to early retirement. So do we have an "exit" plan. Well, no, we don't. We didn't have an exit plan when we bought our house or when we decided to start a family, or when we made the decision to get married. This was/is a major lifestyle change for us but if it does not work out, so be it, we will survive just like we have always done, together.
Maybe that is too reckless for some people who need to have the safety net back to "normal" living. I wish I had the kind of money it would take to have a house (or the funds set aside to buy one) and still do the fulltiming thing but I know that's not realistic for this poor working stiff. Instead we will continue to work our plan, pay off our bills and enjoy our lives here in our 400 square foot home on wheels. And of course, I'll keep you posted.

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