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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

We finished up a busy week at work. It's nice to be able to say I have had a busy week, gives me hope that they will not be cutting any of our jobs. I did have some additional training on Friday and some last week as well as we gear up to make the "official" change to our new company's computer operating system. The big change over for us is set to occur in September and will be a big change from our current way of doing things. Now I get all the assignments for my territory and then call the customers and set up appointments to inspect their vehicles. This can be time consuming trying to make contact, leaving messages, scheduling etc. With this system the assignments roll in at will. Last week I got 7 new ones Tuesday and 5 on Wednesday that I had to schedule to fit into my travels. The company that purchased us last year handles things differently. Each appraiser is assigned to a dispatcher who receives the assignments and sets up the inspection time. The inspection is then assigned to one of us with a "window" of time for travel and to complete the assignment. Their computers use GPS and mapping systems to route our travel and distances in order to schedule us.

Both "systems" have their good and bad points. I get tired of the "chase" when leaving messages and waiting for the customers to call back to schedule. I also don't like the feeling of being "dumped on" when I get a large batch of assignments at one time and have to set up my schedule for several days in advance. The good part of our "old" system is I have the freedom to plan my own day to some extent. With the "new" system my day is mostly planned for me. There are slow times when I wont have inspections to travel to on both systems but with the new one I may have 2 inspections in the morning and nothing in the afternoon. Normally I would head back to the 5th wheel and just work from home for the afternoon but now I may get a late inspection assigned by the dispatcher so I have to be ready to head back out.
They say that they try and route you so when you complete your last inspection you still have time in your "work day" to travel back to your home, We'll see.

I wanted to wish all you Mothers a Happy Mothers Day!! I surprised Rudee with a diamond tennis bracelet that she had been hinting around about. Don't get too worked up, we didn't win the lottery, I just splurged a little for my honey.
We spent yesterday morning with my Mom at her apartment since she will be spending most of Mothers day with my brother and his family.
We also went to Plainfield and took Rudee's parents out to lunch at Olive Garden. Amanda and Avalynn met us at their house a joined us at the restaurant.We had a great day spending time honoring the Mothers in our family.

The weather turned cold this week end and the wind really howled yesterday. The temperatures barely made it above 50 yesterday with a wind chill down in the brrrrrrrrrr range :-).

We have a small motorcycle trip planned for next week end so we are hoping the weather improves. We are going to head to Litchfield Illinois to Neihaus Honda Customer Appreciation Days. They have a big celebration with vendors and fun. We are looking forward to taking a little trip and of course: I'll keep you posted.

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