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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

quick trip to Ohio

Friday after work we headed out on the Harley towards Wooster Ohio to the motorcycle rally. The weatherman said we could run into some rain but the skies were only partly cloudy when we started out. We rode to Lafayette and then took SR 25 to Logansport. The traffic was really heavy and it was slow going in places. We made a stop for supper in Peru at the Siding Restaurant which sits next to the railroad tracks and their building is built around two dining cars that you can eat in if you want. They have good food and we enjoyed a relaxing meal.
Leaving Peru the skies started turning rather dark to the north and we were hoping to out run the weather since we were heading east.
I had made reservations at a motel in Decatur Indiana for the night and we still had about 50 miles to go but we made it before the storm. Good thing too because the storm was a doozy. The wind was blowing hard and the warning sirens were blaring. I'll have to admit it got kinda scary for a little while but we made it through OK. We were grateful that we were safe and sound in our Motel room and not still out on the highway.

Saturday morning we left early since we had anther 150 miles to travel. We took US 30 across Ohio and it is a 4 lane road and had very little traffic. US 30 is also known as the Lincoln Highway and we made good time arriving in Wooster around 11:00am.
We purchased our entry tickets and walked around the rally grounds eventually meeting up with some of our friends from our Chapter who had arrived on Friday.
The rally was a little disappointing to me but to be fair we really didn't have the time to participate in a lot of the activities. We did attend a seminar on "crash scene response". The instructor was not very well prepared and there were several comments he made that were not appropriate. When the discussion turned to insurance and another instructor made the comment that "adjusters are stupid" Rudee and I got up and walked out. We just don't need to listen to nonsense especially when we are the ones paying to be there.
We did ride in the light parade. There was a huge line of bikes and we had a police escort that wound us through the town of Wooster. We had fun and it looked like the people that were lining the parade route enjoyed it as well. We called it a night after the parade and headed to our motel.

Sunday morning we checked out and got on the road towards home. We took a different route home opting for US 36 which is a nice two lane road that travels through some of the scenic farmlands. We would ride for about 60-70 miles and stop and take a break. The closer we got to Indiana the warmer it got until it was well into the upper 80's. We made sure we drank lots of fluids because we didn't want to get dehydrated. We made it back home around 4:30 and were both whipped pups. We put the bike away pretty quick and hunkered down in the air conditioning to get cooled off.

We have been having thunderstorms about everyday. Monday was no exception and around 10pm the storm hit with a vengeance. The winds were strong and they put out a tornado warning so we got into the truck and headed for the shelter at the hospital about a block from the KOA. By the time we got there though the winds had died down and we were left with rain and lightning. We decided we could be just as safe in the 5th wheel so we turned around and drove back. The storm subsided about 10:30 and we went to bed only to be woken up by another bad storm around 3:00am. The 5er was rockin' and rollin' again. Luckily I had put the awning up and except for some small limbs from nearby trees blown down we escaped any damage. I sure am ready for this cycle of storms to break but they are calling for more tonight and pretty much every night this week. Hang on to your hats folks it may be a bumpy ride. I'll keep you posted.

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