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Saturday, July 24, 2010

road trip 2010 Day 1

Rudee got off work at 1:30 and after signing off she started tearing down her work station for travel. Her work computer has 2 large flat screen monitors that travel, along with our living room TV, on our bed.
While she was doing that I was busy rolling up cords and hoses, raising jacks and hooking on.
We pulled out of the KOA right at 2pm. Rudee called Ron and Terri who were parked at the McDonalds just up the road waiting on us. They were finished eating and by the time we got to the interstate they were turning onto the ramp right in front of us. Perfect timing!

Rod led the way and we headed west on I-74. Traffic was light until we hit Danville Illinois and didn't seem to let up the rest of the way. We went through a couple of construction sites that slowed us down to a crawl but thankfully they were short.

We made a stop in an Illinois rest park because Rudee fixed me a huge glass of iced tea to drink on the trip and of course I drank it all and then .......... well you get the picture. :-)

Ron also needed to fill up with gas. He tows with a Ford V-10 truck and only got 140 miles before his low fuel light came on, not sure if he was totally full when we left or not but we'll need to keep an out for fuel stops when we need a break instead of just stopping at rest parks like we usually do. I guess I get spoiled with the Freightliner's 280 gallon diesel tanks. We started the trip with 3/4 showing on the fuel gauge and will probably not top back off until we reach Rapid City.

We are parked at the Galesburg East Best Holiday Trav-L-Park in Knoxville Illinois. We ran into a rain shower about 5 miles from our exit but it passed quickly and the rain stopped while we were parking the rigs.
The park is not bad but the female 1/2 of the owners was apparently having a bad day. Rudee had called them about an hour before we got there to make sure they had sites available and the sites were long enough to accommodate us. She talked to the gals husband and he assured us all was fine. The first thing she said to me when I walked in to register was that we should have given them our name when we called. She was not nice about it at all, and was just being a grouch about everything, not sure what her day had been like before we got there but it must have been bad. She complained when I didn't know my license plate number and then made a big deal about not being able to park us next to each other. Grumpy, grumpy, grumpy.
"Hey lady, I'm on vacation and you are NOT going to ruin my day" :-).

Today will be a big travel day. We are heading north west through Cedar Falls up into Minnesota before turning west on I-90. We are shooting for Mitchell South Dakota and R&R Campground for the night. I'll keep you posted.

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