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Thursday, July 22, 2010

week is flying by

Wow, our heads are spinning. This week is flying by and our vacation is coming up fast. I hope we're ready? :-).
Last Saturday we rode in a charity poker run. We met up with Mike and Penny Kadinger for breakfast and they followed us over to Old Mill Run Campground in Thorntown where the ride was originating. Steve and Trish have a camper parked there and were waiting for us when we got there.
We all registered, picked up our t-shirts, door prize tickets, map and drew our first cards. The money raised all goes to Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis. Poker runs are pretty fun. They have a route planned out with stops along the way. You pick a card at each stop trying to build the best hand you can.
The first stop was a gas station about 20 miles away. No one in our group seemed to be having any luck on the first 2 draws and our hands didn't look too promising.

We made a stop for lunch on our way to the next stop which was also at a gas station. So far I had 3 cards, a 4 of spades, Queen of Spades and a 6 of diamonds ........ not going to set the world on fire with those :-(. Rudee's hand was as bad as mine and none of the others in our group even had a pair.
Back at the campground we checked in and drew our final 2 cards. Rudee finally paired up with Jacks but we figured (correctly) that others would have better cards.
They had a small meal and passed out the prizes. The winning hand was 3 of kind (10's) while 2nd and 3rd place each had 2 pair.
We did win some door prizes though. I got a nice hat and Rudee got 2 gift cards to the video store.
The best part of it all was spending the day with friends and helping out Riley Hospital.

Sunday was our youngest grand daughter's 4th birthday and Amanda invited us to their house for a party. Ryan cooked burgers on the grille and we all pitched in a dish. We had a great time watching Olivia open her presents and of course we had the traditional cake and ice cream too.
This is our last week of work before vacation. We are leaving Friday and caravaning with Ron and Terri Remley to Custer South Dakota. Niles and Deb left last Saturday, they arrived safely and report that the campground is great and told us to hurry our butts up :-).
So far we have slowly been getting things ready to roll. I have the awning, rug and chairs all put away. Rudee and I even washed the Freightliner before loading the Harley. I'm kind of ashamed to say that there was green mold on the sides of my truck! Yikes! I need to travel more!
I am hoping we can get some connectivity while we are away so I can post to the blog some. I guess next time you hear from me we will be "on the road". I'll keep you posted.

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