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Sunday, June 26, 2011

back from "la-la" land

I flew out Sunday evening to Los Angeles to attend some company training. Rudee dropped me off at the airport in Indianapolis for my evening flight. I was scheduled to arrive around 11pm Pacific time and I figured maybe an hour to collect my bags and get to the motel. Kind of a late night for me but not too bad. That was until we approached our only stop, Denver.
I didn't have to change planes and the stop was only scheduled for 35-40 minutes. I could tell something was up when we kept making slow turns and not loosing any altitude. I could see clouds and occasional lightning below us, Oh Oh! Sure enough they announced we were in a holding pattern because they had closed the airport due to a storm.
We circled for about an hour and was eventually cleared to land. Once on the ground they unloaded and re-loaded the plane quickly. Then we sat, and sat, and sat. They eventually made the announcement we were waiting on connecting flights to arrive and unload because we were 2 passengers short! They held us at the gate for almost 2 hours of course once they finally arrived we had to wait for their luggage to be transferred.
The only good thing about the wait, the thunderstorm was long gone when we took off.
I eventually made it to the motel around 2 am and had to be in the lobby ready to go at 7am. I only unpacked my shower stuff and clothes for the day and hit the sack!

The class was a lot of review for me with a couple of new twists. I really didn't do much outside of class. They only had a few cars assigned to us and I really didn't feel like trying to find my way around in LA traffic to see the sights. Speaking of the traffic, I would hate to try and pull our 5th wheel around on those highways in that mess!

I arrived back in Indiana Friday night after a short delay in, you guessed it, Denver. Rudee was there to pick me up at the airport when I arrived about 20 minutes late. I was sure glad to be back in my little home on wheels again.

I got a nice comment from Kev on my last post and if you wouldn't mind sending me an email I can reply with some info for for you. My email addy is in my profile (click on the link by our photo). Thanks for reading.

Rudee has reached the end of her commitment with her employer and had to pack up all of her office equipment and turn it back into them on Friday morning. She has mixed emotions about this whole turn of events and Friday was hard for her to go around the office and say goodbye to everyone. The rest of her now former team all got together and went to lunch since they were all there turning their stuff in as well. They all kind of helped each other get through the day.

We are planning to leave on Friday for a short vacation. We are traveling down to Knoxville with friends for the week to attend the GWRRA motorcycle rally. We are both looking forward to getting away and relaxing. We are really looking forward to being able to get away "for real" and start our full time "adventure" which is looking closer and closer. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Hi Phil,
    I know what you mean about the traffic in LA. I will be heading toward Phoenix early next year from Sacramento, but I am dreading that traffic. Surely there is a better way to avoid LA, maybe through Bakersfield and then east from there. Anybody out there with suggestions?
    Have a great mini vacation, the quality is what counts. Soon it will be the real thing.