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Thursday, June 9, 2011

hot, hot, hot

Summer has come early here in Central Indiana with higher than normal temperatures. We rarely have days in the 90's until later in July but so far June is coming in as our "hot" month.

We survived Memorial Day week end here at the KOA which is the typical "first week end" of the summer camping season. True to form the KOA was pretty full and the pool got a work out.

We did get our cable TV working again and can now watch the "good" channels, you know the ones, History, discover, Travel Channel :-). The only catch is we had to hook a little box to each tv and use its remote to change the channels. The boxes belong to the cable company and the KOA is handing them out when people check in if they want cable. I have had several people knocking on my door needing help hooking them up and I have had only moderate success getting them going. The biggest problem seems to be the Class A motorhomes. Not sure why but they all have some kind of switch box installed to switch from cable to satellite to dvd and that seems to be the issue. I really cant see this set up working in the long run and the owner here says she may switch to Direct TV which has offered to come in and set her up a system. There is a hefty up front cost but the monthly subscription is quite a bit less than the cable company. We'll see, but I am sure glad I can watch "good" tv again :-)

We made the final payments to my brother and sister for my parents double wide in Florida. We are now property owners again. The lady and her sister who rent it are nice folks and really seem to like it there so hopefully they will want to stay for a long time. The house sits in a nice park in Zephyrhills and we own the lot it sits on as well so no monthly lot rent to pay. There is a condo association fee that covers trash pick up and street maintenance but that is part of the lease that the renter pays so our only recurring bill is the yearly property taxes and insurance.
The park has a nice pool/hot tub and a club house. We are still too young to live there, have to be over 55, but we are sure close :-(
Don't worry though, we have not abandoned our plan to be full time RVers, just looking ahead in case the sky falls in our us and we need a permanent place to live.

Rob and Jany Runyon have made plans to spend this week end here at the KOA and their visit coincides with the annual Strawberry Festival. I am sure we will visit the festival as well as take some motorcycle rides while they are here. I'll keep you posted!

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