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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Storms keeping me busy

Several severe storms producing hail and tornadoes have rolled through Indiana in the last week causing a lot of damage. We have been spared the worst of it here at the KOA but work has been a zoo.

We have been able to take some motorcycle rides in between the storms. Yesterday evening we met up with friends Ron and Sandy Mendenhall and took a nice ride to Rockville Indiana to a nice little "biker bar" type of restaurant for dinner. We had a great time and a nice ride there and back. We even stopped at Ritters in Crawfordsville for some ice cream. We were having so much fun sitting and talking that we didn't even realize they had closed and locked all the doors and were cleaning the place up :-). Guess we had better leave before they shut off the lights :-).

Saturday I drove the Freightliner to the Wal Mart to finish fueling it up. The truck has two 140 gallon tanks so when it's low on fuel it really hits the budget trying to fill it up. We normally just do $200 or so every couple of weeks until we get it full which, if it's empty, takes a while.
The fuel price had dropped below $4.00 per gallon here so I decided to top off the tanks now instead of waiting. I ended up paying $3.82 a gallon which is the lowest it has been for a long time around here.
Once I was done with the truck we hopped on the bike and headed for Lebanon where we had errands to run at 2 banks and then the post office.
We have decided to go ahead and get our passports since we may want to go into Canada or Mexico at some point in our travels. Wouldn't you know it, the post office closed 10 minutes before we got there :-(. I thought they would be open until noon but closed at 11:00. We were able to get the forms we needed and will fill them out and take them back in another day.

We got a surprise in our mail box today. We are registered to vote based on our mailing address and I guess they don't like that. Got a letter from the election board that we had to have a "permanent" address, as in a house, to be able to vote. Too bad they don't require that when they dig in my pocket for their local taxes! Guess we may become South Dakota residents sooner than we think since they seem to welcome full time RVer's.

When we got back to the 5th wheel it was time to go to work. Last winter we cover the windows with a plastic film for insulation using double sided tape. The tape stuck pretty good. Too good as a matter of fact. I bought some "Goo Gone" cleaner to get the tape residue off the side of the 5th wheel and we got busy cleaning around all the windows. Once we got that done it was time to give the camper a bath so we washed the whole rig! The temperature was in the 90's and we were both a sweaty mess when we got done. I suggested we take a quick dip in the pool but we opted for showers instead :-)
Sure is nice to have that chore done and the 5er looks great again. We still need to clean the roof and I want to put some "Protect All" polish on the fiberglass to give it a shine.

I found out last week that I have to go to Los Angeles for training at the end of the month. I leave on Fathers Day and will be gone a week. I'm not looking forward to the flights there and back but the training should be no big deal. It is a "basic" class and since I have been doing this stuff for almost 15 years I should be able to pass fairly easily (I hope!).

Rudee's last day of work is fast approaching. She will be done the day I return from California. This past week her company asked her (and the others getting laid off) to work over time! What kind of nerve to do these people have? "sorry we don't need you anymore after 2 weeks but can you work overtime until we boot you out the door?" Fat chance of that happening :-)

We have some more storms rolling in and had to make a mad dash to roll the awning back up. We have the weather radio on and there have been a couple of alerts in neighboring counties but nothing here yet. May be another bumpy night! I'll keep you posted.

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