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Monday, August 15, 2011

change in plans

Friday evening I came home from work (ewwwww, four letter word!) to a great smelling 5th wheel. Rudee was busy baking fresh salmon for dinner. She did a great job and we both enjoyed our fish dinner.
After dinner we hopped on the bike and took a nice evening ride. I even stopped at a small ice cream shop and we treated ourselves to desert!
Saturday the weatherman was warning us of stormy weather but the skies were clear and the temperatures quickly warmed up. We decided to go out for breakfast and take another short ride while we could.
Once back at the 5th wheel we got some chores done and then headed for my brother and sister in laws home in Amo Indiana. Jon is a career Firefighter/Paramedic and has recently completed his RN degree. They are seriously considering full time RVing when he retires from the firehouse in a few years. That RN degree will come in real handy if they need to make a few $$ on the road.
Jon and Cheri's youngest, Ben, just graduated from High School and has enlisted in the Navy. They were having the family over for a cook out so we had a chance to send him off "in style". He reports for basic training next week, eventually he will be a Yeoman on a submarine. Needless to say we are all very proud of him. I would post a picture but forgot my camera :-(
Jon had slow cooked some pork for barbecue and it turned out great. Everyone brought a covered dish and, as usual, we had a lot more food then we could ever eat!
Around 8pm the storm clouds started building and we could hear thunder in the distance so decided it was time to leave.
We had to drive through the storm to get home and it packed a pretty good punch with some gusty winds and heavy rain.
We were relieved to find that all was well back at the 5th wheel once we got back. We had left the awning out and I kind of expected it to be ripped to shreds but it looked just like we had left it.
Our plan was to get up Sunday morning and head to Indianapolis and spend the day at the Indiana State Fair. The storm changed those plans though, seems like the same storm we drove through on our way home had hit the fairgrounds. The news was reporting that the wind had toppled the stage rigging at the band "Sugarland" concert. There were people trapped under the rigging and 5 people died in the accident.
We decided that even if the fair was open the next day we would not be able to enjoy an outing there knowing that people had been killed there the night before. Turns out they did close down for Sunday which was the right thing to do in my mind.
With nothing to do on Sunday and the weather being cool and overcast we decided to just be lazy. We spent the whole day just watching TV and relaxing. It's been a long time since we have done that and it felt pretty good just to relax for a day.
Monday is back to work for another week. We are leading a group of motorcycles to Sikeston Missouri this week weekend to have dinner at Lambert's Restaurant, "home of the throwed rolls". We are both looking forward to our trip. I'll keep you posted!


  1. We love Lambert's. I really like the molasses over the rolls. We have ridden there several times. Have a safe ride!

  2. What a tragedy at the State Fair. Our thoughts and prayers continue for the injured and for those that lost loved ones.