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Friday, August 12, 2011

Now we're talkin!

The heat wave seems to have ended! The last several days have been perfect! Highs in the low 80's and dipping down into upper 50's at night. We have opened the windows up and slept like babies!
I guess everyone can thank us for the break in the heat. When we need rain all I have to do is wash my car and BINGO the skies open up. We buy an air conditioner to battle the heat and it cools down! Oh well, guess we are ready for the next heat wave. :-)
Tuesday evening I started hearing some thunder in the distance. I checked the radar and there was a nasty looking storm coming at us! Rudee helped me get the awning rolled up and we put away our chairs and anything else that would blow away.
Sure enough about 15 minutes later the winds picked up and we had a huge downpour for about 5 minutes then it quit and the sun came back out. I guess the worst part of the storm was just North of us.
Amanda and Ryan were not as lucky. They live 20 miles south west of us and got the worst of the storm. The winds knocked down several power poles in front of their house leaving the wires strewn all over the highway. What a mess!
They were without power the entire night and most of Wednesday. They did come and spend the night with us because they are on a well and without power to operate the pump they have no water.
Let me tell you our little 400 square foot home was plenty crowded with 7 us sleeping in here!
Looks like we may try to visit the Indiana State Fair this week end. We have both lived in the area all our lives and have only been to the fair a couple of times. Seems like when we were younger raising our family we were always broke this time of year. In August we had to buy school clothes, pay book rental fees as well as renew our license plates on all of our vehicles. This was on top of all of our "normal" bills that were due. This didn't leave any extra $$ for any "fun" things.
They are calling for more storms this week end but hopefully the weather will cooperate. I'll keep you posted

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