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Monday, October 10, 2011

Getting ready to go

The weather this past week has been absolutely perfect with temps in the mid 80's and plenty of sunshine. We decided to take advantage of it and do what we love, ride our motorcycle!
Friday evening we picked the bike up from our friend Grumpy's shop. We had new tires installed and the oil and filter changed. We rode to Brownburg to meet up with Runions for dinner. On the way there Ron and Sandy Mendenhall called to see what we were up to and we invited them to join us.We all had a nice dinner at The Pit Stop Barbecue and we all made plans to meet in the morning for another ride.
Saturday morning we headed out early and all met at Flapjacks restaurant for breakfast before heading North. Our destination was Greentown Indiana and the Howard County Fairgrounds. Our state GWRRA staff were hosting a get together for everyone. We made the ride in about 1 1/2 hours and got there just in time to line up for lunch :-). I guess we ride to eat and eat to ride! :-)
They served vegetable soup and PB&J sandwiches. The entrance fee was canned goods for a food bank. We made our donation and enjoyed sharing lunch with our friends.
The trees are sporting their fall colors and the ride home was beautiful. We made it back to the 5th wheel shortly after 5pm, days like this are the reason we love to ride so much.
Sunday was a work day for us :-(. There are several things I wanted to get done to the 5th wheel before we head out onto the open road. The first item was giving the entire rig a bath! We hauled out all the stuff we would need and headed up the ladder to the roof. Washing the roof is never a fun job but has to be done. We use a car wash style brush and non-citrus dish soap. When we attended the Montana Rally a few years ago one of the seminars was from the makers of the rubber roof material and this is what they recommended. They told us if you use a citrus smelling soap it attracts squirrels and they will actually chew on your roof!
The roof took us a little over an hour to wash and then we started on the sides. I washed while Rudee rinsed and we were able to knock it out pretty quick. The whole rig took us about 3 hours not counting a lunch break and an occasional sneak peak at the Colts game.
Sunday evening all the grandkids came over and Rudee made us all a spaghetti dinner. We are both gonna miss seeing our kids and grandkids whenever we want :-( Next Sunday is going to be rough when we say goodbye to them for several months.
I still have several more things on my "honey do" list before we pull out Thursday. I guess I'll be a busy guy on my first full week of retirement :-). I'll keep you posted.

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