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Monday, October 3, 2011

Folding the house in

This past week was cold and wet, yuck. Work was ....... well .... work, double yuck. Enough about that! :-)
Friday we packed up the Circus Wagon and headed for Charlarose Campground which is a whopping 10 miles away. I waited until I got off work Friday to load the bike up and of course work sent me running all over the state so I didn't get home until late.
Rudee had been busy though and had everything ready to go. All I had to do was pop the bike onto the back of the semi and hook on the 5er.
We were meeting Rob and Jany at the campground. They were spending their first week end in their "new to them" Raptor Toyhauler.
They were already there and finishing setting up when we pulled in. We had adjoining pull through sites and were able to face each other so our awnings formed a nice covered sitting area.
We got set up pretty quickly and, after unloading the bike, we rode to a small restaurant nearby for supper.
Once we got back to the 5er's we joined Rob and Jany at their place for a game of Spinners which is like Domino's but has wild pieces.
Jany even served apple cake for dessert .......... ummmmmm good!
Saturday morning we got a slow start since the temps had dropped into the 30's, yikes!! I'm not ready for cold weather yet!!
Rob said his hot water heater was only working on gas so we decided to replace the electric element to see if we could get it to work on 110v. This meant a trip to the local RV shop :-).
There is a small dealership not far from the campground so we all bundled up and headed out on the bikes.
The shop was open but this place had sure seen better days. The showroom was dark, dingy and smelled like cat pee. Nasty!
They did have the parts so and we grabbed what we needed and got the heck outta there!
We made a quick grocery run while we were out and then headed back to the campground for some RV maintenance.
I had the special socket needed to replace the element from when I did ours last year. I got out the tools and we got to work draining the water heater and removing the old one. Thankfully everything went pretty well and we got it swapped out and new anode rod installed as well. We filled the tank and I switched it on ........ nothing happened..... that's good though because nothing is supposed to happen :-)
We had to wait for 30 minutes or so before the water heated up enough to determine that the electric element was working like it should. Mission accomplished!
Saturday evening we built a campfire and I cooked us all a "Hobo dinner" over the fire. Rudee had put them together. Rudee and Jany had hamburger, potatoes and carrots in theirs while Rob and I had Smoked Sausage, peppers, onions, potatoes and carrots in ours. They turned out great!
After supper we went to BINGO held by the campground in their shelter house. Our son Matthew joined us and he won a game! Got $4 for his effort. :-)
Sunday we spent the morning being lazy. I did start another fire to use up the rest of the firewood we brought. Our daughter Amanda stopped by and dropped off the 3 grand kids. She was going to a tupperware party and Ryan was working.
I already had the bike loaded when they got there and they all helped us pack up for the trip back to the KOA.
I was outside with our youngest, Olivia, when Rudee started bring the slides in. She looked at me and asked " What are they doing in there Papaw?" I told he I didn't know and asked her if she knew what all that noise was? She said "I think they are folding the house in"!
This cracked me up and we all had a big laugh about it. :-)
The kids loved riding in Papaw's big truck on the trip back to Crawfordsville and helped us get the 5er set back up in our site.
Sunday evening Rudee picked up some Chinese take out and Amanda and Ryan joined us for dinner. We had a nice evening spending time with our kids and grand kids.
Back to work again on Monday but stay tuned for a major announcement :-). I can't let the cat out of the burlap right now but should be able to by the end of week so check back and I'll keep you posted!

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