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Friday, October 21, 2011

Sunshine State?

We were up early Wednesday morning and decided to take advantage of the free waffles in the lobby here at the KOA. The host handles the cooking and they had rolls, juice and coffee as well. We were eating our waffle when Rudee got my attention and pointed out that the owners cat was inside the office and walking around on top of the tables where he was cooking the food. YUCK! Needless to say we didn't eat anything else after that.
What are these people thinking! I'm not particularly fond of cats to begin with but that is beside the point. You don't have animals be it cats, dogs, hamsters or whatever, crawling around on the same table you are preparing food for your guests.
Our destination for the day was Dade City Florida where we are staying for at least a week or more. The skies to cloudy and there was a pretty stiff wind hitting the side of the rig but at least there was no rain. Where is that famous Florida sunshine?
We arrived at Grove Ridge Carefree Resort in the middle of the afternoon. The office was just closing up and they told us to go ahead and park and settle up in the morning. The park is very nice with large grass lots with 50amp/30amp electric, water and sewer hook ups. This is more of a snowbird type of park with a lot of permanent park model units. There is a nice clubhouse with a large outdoor pool. They are a Passport America park and the rate is $16 per night for members.
We parked in the same spot we were in on our last visit in 2009, a large space on the back row where we can spread out some. I unloaded the bike and we took a quick ride into Zephryhills to visit my parents grave site.
Thursday we were up early again thanks to the rooster at the home behind us. I forgot about the neighbors across the road having chickens :-)
Oh well we had things to do anyway.
I called a tire store and found a replacement for our tire that blew and made arrangements to drop it off. Rudee called our future tenets and made a lunch date with them so we could finally meet face to face and get all the paperwork out of the way.
Heading into town we made a quick stop at Wal Mart and then to the tire store where we dropped off the wheel. They even gave me a discount for being a retired Deputy, cool.
We met our new tenets at a small restaurant and got to know them. They are a very nice couple who had to sell their home in Dade City a few years ago and move into an apartment because he just could not take care of a big house anymore. They are both looking forward to the extra space our place offers as well as living in a seniors only neighborhood.
They did decide they want to move in right away. I told them that if they do that I would not have a chance to make sure things are cleaned and ready for them. They said that they have already been in the place a few times with our current renter and all is up to snuff so they will move in the day after our renter moves out. We reminded them to change the utilities over into their name and they said they have already done that and have scheduled the cable installer as well!
With all this done we may not be staying here as long as we thought. We decided to only pay for 1 week and can add to that if we need to. Our thoughts are to head for Texas and get back to work so we have some money coming into our account instead of just going out :-)
We do have several friends and relatives in the area and hope to see them before heading west. Plus I want to do some motorcycle riding here in the "Sunshine State". I'll keep you posted.

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