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Monday, May 7, 2012

busy week

Ooops, I sure didn't mean to let a full week pass between postings. This past week it seemed like all we did was work and sleep. We were pretty busy working on the park to make it presentable for the KOA inspectors due in late in the week. Each year teams of inspectors travel to each KOA and inspect the facilities. I got the chance to take a peek at the book of guidelines they send to the owners that lists all the "requirements" down to what they should have on their store shelves.
The requirements are pretty extensive but this campground was already doing things "by the book" so we concentrated on making sure things were looking spiffy.
Thursday was a tough day for me. We have had a lot of rain and several of the lower lying areas in the park couldn't be mowed with the riding mower until things are completely dry. Since the inspectors were coming and it didn't look like things would be dry enough for another couple of days, I manned the push mower and started mowing the wet grass. It was hard work and I spent over 4 hours slogging through the wet areas pushing (and pulling!) the mower. Thursday was also the hottest day of the week with the temperature reaching 87 degrees mixed with 80% humidity making it a miserable day to be working outside. I took several breaks in the shade and Rudee brought me ice water several times to help me keep cool.
Once we were off work and I had taken a shower, we headed out on the bike for a "cool down" ride. We headed to Greencastle where Rob and Jany met us on their Goldwing. We had a nice visit and dinner at The Fairway Restaurant before riding back home.

Starting Fridays we report for work on the early morning shift from 8am until 1pm. Normally we don't start any yard work until at least 10:30 so we don't disturb the campers but this morning the owner wanted me start mowing with the riding mower and also do some weed eating. I headed for the shop where I gassed up the rider and tried to start it. All I heard was "click" when I turned the key, so I dug out a battery charger and hooked it up. Guess I'll try the weed eating first. I gassed the weed eater up and luckily it started and I got to work.
The grass was still wet and the weed eater tended to kick up spray, wet grass and mud. I was a mess once I finished and hopped in the shower (again!) as soon our shifts ended.
With the rest of the afternoon off we headed to Plainfield to visit Rudee's parents, pick up our mail in Brownsburg and meet up with friends Tim and Linda for dinner. We had not seen them since last October and it was fun catching up with everything that has happened since then.
We made it back to the 5er around 10pm, another late night and early work shift, man this retired lifestyle is starting to get rough! I need a day off! :-)

The inspectors arrived Sunday afternoon and started their inspections shortly after getting their rig set up. KOA provides them with a pick up truck and 5th wheel to live and travel in while doing their inspections. That would be pretty cool but they sure seem to be busy only spending about 2 days at each park before heading for the next one. May have to keep an eye open for any vacancies in the future. :-)
We also had a couple staying overnight earlier this week that were Good Sam representatives selling memberships and advertising to privately owned parks. They have a set territory, theirs was around the east coast, and were headed that way to start their work. This would also be interesting work but I'm not sure what kind of salesman I would be, may have to find out one day though :-).

We finished our week Sunday afternoon with an employee meeting after the weekly pitch in. Both of us are looking forward to a couple of days off to rest our weary bones! I foresee at least one day of doing nothing but being a lazy butt laying around in my recliner! I'll keep you posted.


  1. I sure hope you are getting excellent compensation for the amount and type of work you are doing. Sounds like too much hard work for our liking!

    1. The pay is agreeable to us, I get an hourly wage and Rudee trades for our site fees. Of course we wish we were independently wealthy and didn't have to work, but don't we all! :-)

  2. Keep the faith, soon you will be able to do it "your way" and work when you want to work.
    Meanwhile, just enjoy each day whatever it brings. It's still better than working in the corporate world.

  3. Sounds like a busy week. Maybe a slower sked is in your future.