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Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

I just wanted to wish all the Mothers out there a Happy Mothers Day! Rudee and I went to Plainfield Thursday afternoon and took her Mom out for an early supper to celebrate. We wanted her Dad to go as well but at 85 years old he is content to just stay inside the house in his recliner and said he would just see us when we get back. :-(

My Mom passed away in December of 2010. Here is a photo I took of her just a few weeks before she died. She always had a smile and was one of the most kind hearted persons I have ever known. She suffered from the beginning stages of dementia and required a little extra care but her passing was a total shock to all of us and we all miss her.

Mothers Day was spent with our kids and grand kids at our daughters house. Our Grandson Nicholas gave his Grandma a ride in their, new to them, Gator. We all laughed watching Rudee hold on yelling at him to "slow down, that's fast enough!" :-)

This past week end all KOA's had a special deal where you get Saturday night free when paying to stay on Friday. We expected to be pretty busy and had a few extra campers but there was not as many taking advantage of the offer as I expected.
Checking in with the other work campers I learned that they uncovered the pool Sunday afternoon and got the pumps and filters going. Looks like summer is coming!
I have never taken care of a swimming pool before and look forward to being able to add that little piece of knowledge to my work camping resume'.

We have the next 2 days off and the weather looks perfect. Rudee wants to take a bike ride and I want to go to the Indy 500 track and watch them practice for the race. I feel a road trip coming on! I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Gee, my "gator" was green and I had a lot of fun driving it around Garner SP. I may go back there after this gig is over, or somewhere else. Probably no "gator" there, but maybe a golf cart? lol