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Thursday, May 10, 2012


Our days and weeks are starting to become routine, Wednesday is our late shift and I keep busy parking campers and refilling propane bottles. Thursday and Fridays are mowing days and we cook breakfast on our week end shifts.
I like to read about others experiences at their work camping jobs as well and most of the bloggers I follow who are work campers have arrived and started their seasonal jobs. Rudee and I both love to read about others' experiences and are always on the look out for future jobs.
Some of our "blogger buddies" are, like us, working in a private campground doing much of the same duties we are doing here. There are others who are working in public campgrounds and National Forests as campground hosts. Their duties are a little different in that they seem to be more "managers" of their little slice of heaven in the woods. We want to try that one day!
The number and variety of work camping jobs seems only limited by your imagination. I was watching TV last night and they showed a blip about the Clark County Gun Range near Las Vegas NV. I have seen them advertise for work campers in the past and thought how interesting it would be to work there and here it was being shown on TV.
One couple we follow is working (and living) at a Llama ranch assisting the owners caring for the animals. That could be a fun and interesting job! Picture yourself sitting around a campfire in Quartsite Arizona one night with a large group of campers telling them how you helped birth a Llama!
Besides a way to make a little extra cash we plan on using work camping as a way to experience new areas and have several on our radar for the future. I'm a sucker for a nice view of the mountains :-).

We report for duty today at 11am. Today is mowing day and since we have had rain several times in the last week the grass has really shot up! I'll keep you posted.


  1. Could you provide some of the links of other work campers blogs you enjoy? I may not ever be a work camper but I can dream about it through the blogs. Thank you.

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    2. Gumo,

      Check out the blogs listed to the right, most of the folks I follow are listed there. Another good resource is the link just above them for Hitchitch.com with quite a few links to blogs written by fulltimers.