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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Long week end

We had to say goodbye to another set of workcampers. Mary and James had to return to their home base so James could have some medical tests performed. They pulled out Tuesday morning and we met them as they were hooking up their toad and wished them well. We are hoping to see them at Amazon in Campbellsville, Kentucky where we are both scheduled to work later this year. We are even staying at the same campground just a few sites from each other. Good luck guys, hope all the tests turn out well.

Rob and Jany arrived yesterday morning and got their 5er set up before coming into the cafe for breakfast. They timed it so they were our last customers and we were able to sit with them and have our breakfast as well. I hope they enjoyed my cooking, they cleaned their plates so that was a good sign! :-).
Once we got off work we hung out at their site sitting in the shade under their awning. We made a run to Harbor Freight Tools for some browsing and, luckily, there is a Big Lots store in the same strip mall so the girls had a place to browse too!
On the way back to the 5er we stopped at a small restauarant called Benjimen's and had a nice meal. Rudee, Rob and I had breaded tenderloin sandwiches while Jany had the homemade lasagna. The servings were "super size" and we all had left overs that we brought home.

We have plans today to do some motorcycle riding and are looking forward to being on two wheels again. The weather has just been too hot to do a lot of riding and of course we have worked 10 of the last 11 days so we have not had a lot of time anyway. We are now off until 4pm next Wednesday so no more excuses, it's time to ride!
Today is also a very special day, 34 years ago Rudee and I were married. Our wedding day was just the start of a great adventure together and here we are 34 years later still "taking chances" and exploring what this life has to offer! Thanks Rudee for being a great partner, love ya Babe!  I'm sure looking forward to the next 34 years worth of fun! I'll keep you posted.


  1. Happy anniversary to both of you. They say the next 34 years are the easiest!

  2. CONGRATS on 34 YRS... awesome you only have 32 years togo to catch my parents..they celebrate 66 yrs this Dec. They are 'living' proof that it can be done :)

    Again Congrats and have a wonderful day celebrating, remembering and planning the rest of your lives.

  3. Congratulations! Amazing how fast time flies. Just think of all the adventure in store for the next 34 years.

  4. Happy Anniversary! We celebrated 35 years in June.

  5. Happy Anniversary. Woot!! Woot!!

  6. Very happy anniversary! Enjoy your day!

  7. Have a very Happy Anniversary, and the next 34 better than the first.

  8. Happy anniversary to you both. May you be blessed with excellent health for another 34!