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Monday, July 2, 2012

trying to keep our cool!

So far we are surviving the long 4th of July Holiday. The campground was about 3/4 full this past week end and we were busy both mornings in the cafe.

Last year before heading out on the road we installed a second roof air conditioner. We have not had a real need to use it until this week when the temperatures climbed into triple digits.

This was taken from my I-phone and it has even gotten hotter!
We have had both a/c's running during the day to try and keep the 5er cooled down. They have sure been getting a work out but have kept up pretty well. We can keep the inside fairly comfortable in the lower 70's while the outside is smokin hot in the low 100's. That's not too bad considering the insulation value that most RV's have.
One thing new I tried was a suggestion from the Montana Owners Group forum. Our 5th wheel has a hole that goes from the living area into the "basement" at the stairs into the bedroom. The hole is covered with a decorative board with slots cut into it and works as a cold air return to the furnace. Others have covered this vent and report a dramatic change in keeping the living area cool. Rudee and I removed the board and cut a piece of cardboard to fit the hole. We covered the cardboard with a plastic garbage bag and then re-mounted the board. This made a big difference and the air conditioner does not have to work as hard as before. I do have to remember to remove the cardboard before we run the furnance though and Rudee's job is to remember to remind me not to forget! :-)

We have some guests arriving this week. Mike and Les Kennedy are fellow fulltimers that we met a couple of years ago in South Dakota and have stayed in touch with. We visited them in Kerrville Texas last February and since they are heading through the midwest decided to swing by the KOA for a few days. They are terrific folks and we are looking forward to seeing them again.
Saturday motorcycle (and RVing) friends Rob and Jany Runion are arriving to stay a few days as well and we always have a great time when the four of us get together.

Yesterday (Sunday) we attending a little get together for some of Rudee's pals from high school. Patti, Susan, Keith, Laura and Rudee were all best friends while growing up and we all got together at Patti's house about  30 miles from here. We ate a great meal and swapped stories for most of the afternoon. Thanks Patti and Carson for the meal and letting us all invade your home!

We still have our "day jobs" and will be working in between spending time with friends so it looks like we will have a busy week ahead. I'll keep you posted.

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